In the weeks leading up to a new set releasing, I generally make mental notes of the character combinations I am looking forward to and what kinds of decks I might build around them. Personally, I don’t start building actual decks until we know what the entire set has in it. Legacies was no different in this regard. I’ve had several idea floating around about what to build and I’ll post a few here as basically “rough drafts” of deck archetypes that I have yet to fully refine into the competitive scene.


Deck 1: eTarkin/eJabba

             If you have followed me enough, you know that mill is my favorite deck type. I love the mind games you can employ as a mill player, especially in this game where every card is precious. When I saw Tarkin’s point cost of 16, my first thought was, “Well I guess I found Jabba’s new partner.” Not only do both characters here have a 2 Discard side, Tarkin’s ability is surprisingly effective and scary. Mill’s big problem is when it starts to see 3 and 4 character decks and the amount of dice they can put out. Even the best control player can’t always deal with every die and 3-4 character decks make that even harder. Tarkin’s ability allows you to put a little pressure on those decks since the characters usually have less HP than each character in a 2 character deck. Fragmentation Grenade is in there currently for the same reason as using Tarkin’s ability. Indirect Damage piles up quick and your opponent can find themself on the defensive rather unexpectedly. I really like Grand Moff in this deck because not only does it have Indirect Damage sides to supplement Tarkin’s ability, it also has a 2 Discard side and it’s Power Action is excellent. If you get your battlefield, it’s a free random discard to the opponent. Even if you don’t get your battlefield, it’s still likely useful against most battlefields. Vandalize is just an all-around strong card right now since it can do so much.


Deck 2: eSaw/eYoda

             Since I’m writing this after a few Regionals where Legacies was legal have taken place, we’ve already seen what Yoda can do. Specifically the Yoda/Rieekan/Jedha Partisan deck that took second at the Portland Regional and the Yoda/Poe2 decks that have been doing well. My first thought with Yoda was to build to something a little different. I liked Saw immediately when he was first announced. He’s durable with 11 HP. He has strong damage sides at 2 and 3, even though they are Indirect. His special is bonkers good. Especially in a meta where a lot of people are running cards that cost 3 or more. Yoda compliments him well by either giving him resources to be able to play Second Chance, giving him a shield, or chaining his special into Saw’s special to force a discard and damage. With several 2 or higher sides, this feels like a great deck to include Planned Explosion. Getting it to fire is still pretty difficult sometimes, but when it does, you opponent is unlikely to see it coming unless they’ve peeked at your hand. I’ve also included the new Millennium Falcon in here because the ability is great and affording it isn’t a stretch when you have Yoda.


Deck 3: eCiena/eTalzin/Greedo

             Here’s my version of 5 Die VIllain. I think Talzin might be the best Villain character of Legacies. She brings a lot of punch for only 12 points and her ability is extremely good. She’s probably best utilized in a deck that contains mostly odd-costing cards, but I find that’s difficult to create sufficient ramp and control with. In this deck, she’s definitely the biggest threat. Ciena is able to provide money and a great target for dealing bonus damage courtesy of Bait and Switch. Greedo is almost always the last to survive since he is usually not viewed as much of a threat. This deck in it’s current incarnation has 17 odd-costing cards so the odds of hitting with Talzin’s ability offensively are still fairly good. Likewise, the odds of healing for at least 2 with Witch Magick are also fairly high. Kylo Ren’s Starfighter is basically an auto-include in Blue Ranged decks right now. Is this better than the standard Talzin/Bala/FOST? Probably not, but it’s definitely a fun change of pace that requires your opponent to consider the game differently than playing against that combination.


             So these are the first three rough drafts I have made so far with Legacies. We are barely scratching the surface of the possibilities, but these were the first ones that really jumped out at me. What character combinations are you most looking forward to?

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