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Where We’ve Been & New Year Plans!

Hey Destiny fans! You might be wondering why our articles have been a bit… barren of late. Rest assured, we’ve been working on a lot of different things and we’re very excited for our plans going into the new year.

First, I’d just like to say that you’re all awesome. For those of you who are unaware, Artificery started off a year ago as a single dude (our lord and master Pearl Yeti) looking to host a fast-paced Star Wars Destiny cash tournament for those of us who missed the first season of the TTS League. What resulted was a stupendous success that brought a group of like minded nerds together to start a website. We’ve been really gracious for all the support we’ve received as our team has worked tirelessly cultivating a friendly and supportive community of players. I think we’ve been widely successful and we’re definitely hoping to continue that success going forward with the new year.

Season 4 of the TTS League is coming to a close and it’s gone incredibly well, with a record of over two hundred players coming out to roll dice and compete to win awesome prizes and bragging rights. The swiss rounds are on the cusp of ending and the top cut is looking up to be really exciting, particularly as Legacies releases and players start to innovate the metagame with the new cards.

The league coming to a head doesn’t mean we’re slowing down with our regular tournaments, though. This upcoming Saturday, January 6th, we’re hosting a Sealed Tournament that will be utilizing Agent Of Zion’s pack generation software. I know a ton of people have been drafting and we’re excited to see the Rivals and Legacies sets featured in a competitive atmosphere together. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we hope you’ll join us for the event! The week after that, on January 13th, we’ll also be hosting an official Constructed Tournament featuring all the new cards from Legacies with all sorts of swanky prize support. So if you haven’t gotten your League swiss games done yet, start testing your chops with the new Legacies meta so that you’ll be ready to rock the events in the upcoming weekends!

We also had the soft release of our Patreon a few weeks back, and we’re incredibly thankful for the outcropping of support we’ve received from members of our community. For $5, you get access to our private playtesting channel where we constantly discuss our thoughts on the current metagame and the decks we’re playing. You’ll also get shipped a free copy of any and all alt art cards that Artificery makes. We also offer affordable coaching for $40, where you’ll get several sessions a year with our world class team of Destiny players and get the chance to grind out practice matches with us in preparation for major competitive events!

One of the reasons we’ve been slow to with articles in the past couple weeks has been… well, the holidays, obviously! But on top of that, we’ve made the decision to hold Patreon-exclusive content as a reward for our supporters for two weeks before posting it on the site. We feel like this is a reasonable amount of time to give our supporters exclusive early access while still making sure that everyone has access to the best content. We believe sharing our thoughts and ideas widely makes the community as a whole stronger, and leaving ourselves open to criticism helps prevent an echo-chamber effect.

Further, we’ve been busy doing a lot more video content, including streaming on Twitch for entertainment with regularity and putting out our educational Jaeger casts on Youtube. Artificery is comprised of a bunch of buddies and teammates, and we really think we bring something special to the realm of commentary, not just for our tournaments, but for our personal games as well. Jaeger casts for those of you not in the know, is when two of our team members play a deck cooperatively, with one player acting as a padawan and the other as a master — teaching the ins and outs of a specific deck throughout a single game to give an impression of how it works, why it works, and what it takes to pilot the deck. Check them out!

One of our big resolutions for the coming year is putting out more content, especially video content, and making sure that we’re bringing our community the best we can. Feel free to join the conversation on our Discord, where we’re always happy to hear our community members foster discussion and provide constructive comments so that we can continue to grow our community of players!

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The Artificery Crew is a top performing Star Wars Destiny team, that prides itself for its welcoming community, tier 1 strategy articles, fun podcasts, and engaging video content. If this sounds good to you, head on over to our Patreon to get immediate access to everything as we produce it and priority access to the Crew for playtesting, upcoming tournament strategies, meta discussion. The Crew also hosts one of the largest free access Discord servers for the Star Wars: Destiny community full of lively chat and the best rules discussion channel available.

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  1. You do a lot of cool Things, but I must say, in this article its the First Time I read about it. I would your offer for Coaching for Example very interesting. But where can I find more about it? I searched your site and found nothing 🙁

    1. Is where you can find all our patronage options and rewards.