I’d like to start by thanking my teammates and everyone else who helped me prepare for worlds. The team got in some great testing, but in particular, Elrathion grinded hard with me and was willing to play the gauntlet side against 4-Lom, letting me get the reps on 4-Lom (which we both brought) and which was more beneficial to me than him. So a big thank you to him for making that sacrifice and losing out on many 4-Lom reps himself. Outside of our team, I had a lot of good sessions on TTS with great players like Red3, Leddon, Nickthebug, Poem, and everyone else who joins my open rooms on TTS or runs their own. Steel sharpens steel, and you all were a part of my deep world’s run. My wife Amanda also needs a lot of recognition as having my family’s support to put so much time into this event was critical to my success.

Choosing a Deck

I had a very rough Nova going 4-4 on Jabba/Wat/SM with Desperate Measures wrecking me all day. The deck was built in such a way that it was great at making incredible and unbeatable board states fast but was fragile to early Desperate Measures, particularly getting hit in round 1 and round 2 with Desperate Measures, which happened multiple times that day. I spent the majority of my Nova prep time testing for matches vs. Droids and did not see a Chopper or Satine all day. In my 4 wins, I did not lose a single character, which felt great, but in the end, I’d have been much happier at 6-2 with 6 wins by the skin of my teeth. I should also mention that I picked up a free win vs. Day 1A’s 8-0 Hunter in a near mirror match where I was the one who drew DM round 1 and 2 while he didn’t see any until round 3 when the game was already completely over. TLDR, many of my matches were decided with 0 skill being involved, simply coming down to who drew DM more.

I learned a lot from Nova about what type of deck I wanted to bring to worlds. I refused to bring anything that would auto lose to my opponent, starting with DM or even 2x DM. I love Maul and strongly considered bringing Maul/Talzin (Possessed does a ton of work when Talzin can’t be targeted first, No Mercy provides excellent burst, and both characters are naturally great into mill) but it struggled against huge health decks like 4-Lom. I love playing Delve/Fist as you can instantly win games when drawing the combo round 1, and you’re also able to claw your way back into games that appear unwinnable, so 4-Lom was always on the table. Having damage on your character dice naturally helps vs. DM as well, which was a must-have after Nova. As an aside (I kind of feel bad doing this, but I would like credit for it), I consider myself the father of Delve and Fist going into all decks that are blue and yellow, as previously Delve was always tied to suboptimal cards like Planetary Bombardment. Shortly after Convergence was released, I took my Dengar/Ventress deck to a highly competitive level by adding Delve and Fist, despite having a character with a paid side that you had to be willing to resolve from turn 1. From this, I learned that there is no deck that can’t afford the 3 cost of Delve. Like a mother lifting a car off her child, once the combo is in hand, you’ll find a way.

Additionally, all decks will occasionally just find themselves with 5 resources. In the Convergence meta, Snoke/Watto/FOST (“Casino”) ran Fist and Mega’s, but no Delve, and the UK Wat/Talzin/Watto builds used Delve and Planetary Bombardment (but not Megas for some reason even though Megas > Planetary even if Planetary cost 4). Our Patrons were given my Wat/Talzin/Watto build that I went 11-0 within the Seattle GQ (including taking down Casino without losing a character in the finals of one event) which used Delve with only Fists and Megablasters as targets and post Snoke/Watt nerf (but prior to SOH), our Patrons were given my Jabba list which again used Delve with only Fist and Megablasters (this was essentially our Gen Con list, only 10x more powerful because DM didn’t exist then). Now Delve/Fist is an auto-include in all decks with access to it, including 4-Lom and all Aphra builds, and I think it’s clear to see there’s been a breakthrough in deckbuilding since our Gen Con list came out.

Getting back on topic after shameless credit claiming, I wanted to be able to both drop bombs (Megablasters and Fist) and have a strong game plan vs Desperate Measures. To accomplish this, I settled on 4-Lom and filled my deck with 7 efficient 1 cost dice. 2x Fickle Mercenaries, 2x Conscript Squads, 2x Energy Bow (with added synergy off GG’s power action) and 1x ID10 Inferno Squad Seeker Droid. Against decks that run Desperate Measures, we can go ‘small ball’ and play the 1 cost dice and hopefully suck out a DM on a Fickle or Conscript Squad or buy time until hitting DM with a Probe. Even if we’re forced to walk into a DM with our Fist or Megablasters in round 3+ the damage off DM will be quite meaningful at that point.

Meta Considerations

I liked 4-Loms chances into pretty much all decks, except yellow Palpatine decks, whether it was with eWatto, Jabba LSM or Jango LSM. The yellow Palpatine match ups were basically unwinnable (90%+ in Palpatine’s favour?) unless you had very hard counters in your deck. No card counters Palpatine as hard as Scorched Earth, so it was in consideration for the deck.

Playing it would mean hurting my other matchups, except mill, so it was in the conversation but definitely not a lock. I didn’t love 4-Lom into mill, but the extra reroll off GGs power action was a plus, and Delve/Fist makes any match up winnable. I also didn’t expect to see much mill, since it can’t beat Chopper and would likely have to 2-0 any top cut matches to advance in 90 minutes best of 3 matches. I liked the match up vs Chopper (though Andrew’s build was superior to what I’d tested against) in that I felt it was tough but very winnable and would often come down to skill to determine the winner.

I really liked 4-Lom into Aphra, where we’re more resistant to Desperate Measures and have more health, and our Modular Frames provide great value due to the amount of indirect that Aphra puts out. I also really liked the matchup vs Reylo who doesn’t have any answers to our bombs and who we have lots of health to be resilient against. I also liked the match up into hyper-aggressive decks like Vader and Maul, who can take any team off the table with some big rolls, because of our huge health total. So the question was “How much do we tech against Palpatine?”. In the end, I felt there were only two right decisions. Either not at all, and just accept the match up as an auto loss, or enough to truly compete consistently. In the end, I chose to go with 2x Scorched Earth and compete with yellow Palpatine, at the expense of two Riot Shields, which are always great as an overwrite on our 1 drop upgrades, and even more amazing against the action cheating Chopper decks.

Here is the list I ended up running

I went with 1 copy of Rout, as a spicy removal option that opponents wouldn’t see coming. It’s not that difficult to set up multi-die removal situations, especially if you have Mega blasters out, and it’s usually very easy to at least get it online as a 1 for 1 removal.
Dead or Alive are the only 2 bounties I used, as they’re a great card, and I think other bounties/4-Lom’s ability are a trap.

Modular Frame is great value, typically 2 health for 0, sometimes 3 health for 0. The times it only gives 1 health it typically pushes your opponent onto another target, which also has value.

Probe is there to deal with DM and is a great card in its own right anyways vs mitigation, especially when we already have an extra reroll off GGs power action, which lets us both durdle and need fewer cards for rerolls.

Rd 1 vs Vader Greedo

I quickly saw my two Scorched Earth’s which were both dead and would have been amazing as Riot Shields. My opponent was able to resolve 8 damage at once in round 1 and killed my SM before I could resolve his die, which hurt, but which I also think was ultimately a mistake. I was very rattled this game (and the next couple games as well) with my tech choice being extremely costly, but I played tight and stubbornly did not remove any Vader dice until I had 3 pieces of mitigation in hand and was able to time walk Vader for a round. I was eventually able to pull out the win by the skin of my teeth.

Rd 2 vs Reylo

I don’t have many strong memories other than my opponent prioritizing damage too much and not shields enough to keep Kylo alive for an additional round. I feel like this game was pretty one-sided despite my opponent rolling fire early.

Rd 3 vs Chopper

I don’t have much memory of this game, sad to say. It’s possible this was flip-flopped with my Reylo match as well.

Rd 4 vs Palpatine/Jabba/LSM

This is the ultimate nightmare match up and was on stream vs my teammate, and an elite player, Agent of Zion. This match ultimately came down to a Probe where Zion had 3 cards in hand, 2x DMs and 1 Dangerous Maneuver. 1 DM was going away no matter what, so it was 50/50 to get either both or leave 1. Unfortunately for me, I lost this 50/50 and when I dropped my Fist on the next action it was blown up by DM. A Scorched Earth for 9 later helped, but didn’t quite get me there.

Rd 5 vs Palpatine/Watto

My heart sank as I saw my nightmare matchup for a second straight game. Again, this game came down to discard as my opponent correctly read that I had a very important card in hand, as I refused to reroll with many blank dice in the pool. I had 2 cards in hand, and sadly for me, I also lost this 50/50 and lost my Scorched Earth that would have auto won me the game. Not having horrendous rolls 3 times in a row that round likely would have gotten me there, as I doubt the discard would have been resolved if I didn’t have to telegraph how important a card I had in hand. I was able to Scorched Earth for 9 earlier in the game, but one isn’t enough when you get DM’d and I lost this game to yellow Palpatine as well.

Rd 6 vs Aphra

Feeling absolutely gut-punched at going 0-2 vs the deck I teched hard for (and made sacrifices in other matchups for) I knew I had to rally and win out to make cut. I don’t remember the exact details of this match too well, but I do believe I found one of my DMs round 1 and my opponent did not, which made this round a lot easier on my side of the table. I won this one with room to spare due to the DM disparity.

Rd 7 vs Vader Greedo

This was against my friend Ingrid from the Could City Rollers, and I was really sad that one of our runs was going to end this round. I pulled an upset in the roll-off and went with my Theed over her Fighting Pit. She put a good chunk of damage into 4-Lom on round 1 and showed lethal on 4-Lom after activating Vader as her first action of round 2. I had an Automated Defenses, but no follow up mitigation. After going into the tank, I decided I was better off just letting 4-Lom die and not risking losing a card and resource to just be in the same spot one action later. I activated 4-Lom to force a kill on him immediately, which she wisely did. By the end of the third round, I had killed Greedo (who I targeted to turn off DM since Vader was at 17 health) and put a little damage into Vader, while Grievous had 3 health left and SM was at full health.

I believe I had a Fist down and an Energy Bow on SM, with a Seeker Droid on Grievous. Round 4 Ingrid quickly played a Fear and Dead Men to kill Grievous and Sink 4 into SM. She had no resources left but did have a Truce in hand and I was lucky to dodge the 4 for 1 on her other Vader die as SM had only 4 health left. I knew I had to kill Vader this round, as I couldn’t survive another activation from him, and I believe he had 11 health left going into the round. I was able to get 7 off my fist and another 3 off my SM who activated into 2 melee and 1 damage on the Bow. I played a Fickle and with no money remaining naturally rolled into 2 damage off it, giving me 12 damage for the round. My rolls bailed me out of a tough situation in this one as a Vader activation almost certainly finishes me off.

Rd 8 vs Aphra

This match was against Nick Cuenca from the Hyperloops. This was another match where
I found my DM before my opponent did which gave me a big leg up in the match, basically the opposite of my Nova experience. I ended up winning fairly comfortably, due to no error of Nick’s and was onto day 2. Nick was very gracious in defeat in what I know was a heartbreaking spot.

Top 64 vs eBail eLor Anakin

This was against RunningOnion and I was feeling quite unlucky to be facing mill round 1. I felt like mill was a bad call because of Chopper, and Lor versions especially since Lor mills so slowly that you pretty much need to 2-0 to have any chance of not going to time in 90 minutes best of 3’s. Sadly, my deck could easily go 0-2 vs mill, so I was pretty worried. After playing a great series of Werewolf games with my teammates I crawled into bed around 1:30 am to watch RunningOnion’s streamed match and record all the cards in his non-meta deck and get a game plan together. I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 am, but I knew who my target was and what cards to expect from my opponent. I was up before 7:30 and on little sleep faced my first mill match of the day.

When given the decklist I was surprised to see only 1 Easy Pickings, so my scouting list was a bit off, but overall it was as expected. I was happy to see that there was no Anakin’s Podracer as my scouting indicated, but not all cards were shown on stream, so I wasn’t certain.

I lost the roll-off (as I did in all 6 matches that day) and we played on Occupied City. My opponent missed their first two triggers on Occupied City, and with only one copy of Easy Pickings I was unafraid of focusing into all my damage at once and went with a ‘If he has it, he has it” mindset whenever he was on 1 resource (on 2 I’d watch out for Beguile). I targeted Bail with the goal of working him down before any Admiral resets happened. I stuck a Fist and after putting 6 indirect damage from Fists and a Scorched Earth into Anakin, I reluctantly overkilled Anakin with a 2 ranged die to put my Fist out of Vandalize range and turn off the one Easy Pickings. I played around No Answer, always throwing my last card away if he had a resource and giving back non-red cards with Lor’s power action to get the red cards out of his discard pile and out of the game so Resistance Ring couldn’t reuse them. I also never used Occupied City’s trigger, as I did not want more red cards in there for Resistance Ring, nor more options for a Lor power action. I was in a good position and after Bail went down he wisely conceded to move onto the next game.

For game two we were back on Occupied City and there would be no more missed triggers from my opponent. I continued to play around No Answers, but not easy pickings, and had built a decent board but did not have Fist or Mega’s out. Unfortunately for me, this game slipped away from me when I misread the board state and decided to focus into what I thought was lethal on Bail with my opponent having no resources. However, I hadn’t noticed a shield that was behind Bail’s dice (not hidden on purpose or anything) and focused into one short of lethal, including a 3 for 1 pay side on my Fickle Mercenaries. My opponent resolved a resource (I’m pretty sure) which threatened mitigation and broke the news to me that there was a shield behind it, and I was forced to resolve my dice right than putting Bail to 1 but not killing him (nor taking his other die and Resistance Ring from the pool), and leaving me with 1 resource. I had two Conscript Squads in my hand and had I realized there was a shield on Bail I would have played both and really helped my board state while most likely putting out the same amount of damage. Later in the round, I was hit with the dreaded double special on Bartering and Resistance Ring to force me to draw a card while he gained a resource and played No Answers out of the discard pile for 4 cards lost and essentially taking a round out of the game. I ended up losing this match, but with only about 15 of our 90 minutes left, I knew this best of 3 was over.

Game 3 – I took Theed and my opponent’s first action was to play You are in Command into Admiral and threaten the ability to get multiple No Answers off, which would be his only way to mill quickly. I don’t believe he had all the pieces in place (Resistance Ring, Bartering and No Answer), but it was quite frightening, nonetheless. This game went to time during the second round and I won on tiebreakers.

Top 32 vs Aphra

This game was against Blake (Bounce) from Destiny Down Under. Sadly, I’m struggling to remember many exact details from this series, but it went right to the wire. I ended up winning at time in game 3 on extended tiebreakers (more cards left in hand and deck). I feel 100% certain that I would have won in the next round as Aphra had 1 health left while I had 3 health on Sentinel and 2 health on 4- Lom with the ability to redeploy two Modular Frames for an additional 2 health. Aphra at 1 also prevented BT-1 from ever activating as well, so I feel confident the right deck moved on.

Unfortunately for Blake one thing, I do remember is that I believe he made an error late resolving an indirect damage side and allowing me to kill off Grievous who had 10 damage on him and two Modular Frames, so the indirect essentially healed me 1 for tiebreaker purposes. I had been keeping Grievous alive, so I can understand why he would have thought I’d continue to save Grievous, but by this point, I’d used his die, and maybe even his power action, so it was a big risk to take dealing the indirect. I want to give Blake huge credit for not trying to stall out the previous round where he would have won the tiebreakers for sure. I had a much better board at that point and I’m sure he realized that an additional round was bad for him, but he didn’t attempt to do anything underhanded and played it out when I’m sure there was a strong temptation to stall out the round. My main takeaway from this best of 3 was that I was very happy with how my build performed. Over the 3 games my opponent was able to play DM 4 times into me, while I only found it once myself (off the top of the deck with SM in round 3 of game 3). Aphra will find DM more consistently than 4-Lom, but not at a 4:1 ratio, so I was glad to overcome that. I felt going into the match that 4-Lom was a favorite, and I left certain of it. In total, I went 4-1 against Aphra in the tournament.

Top 16 vs Chopper

This was the one match on day 2 where I felt I had a clear skill advantage. There were a few spots where resolving a chopper discard or disrupt would have been potentially crippling to me and my opponent rerolled in search of less meaningful damage sides. With that said, most of his play was tight and I only won 2-1, so this was not any kind of blowout. Sadly, by the time this match was over I was 9 intense games deep already and my brain was starting to go to mush, so I really don’t remember much specifics.

Top 8 vs Palpatine Motti

This match was streamed on twitch by FFGlive, so feel free to watch it there.

This match was against Reihon, which unfortunately I didn’t realize, nor did he realize who I was, since we’ve played many times on TTS and are on each other’s friends list. We’ve since put this together and exchanged pleasantries, but it would have been nicer to realize right off the bat. Getting to the matches, for the first time in the cut I was very happy to have Scorched Earth in my deck.

Again, I’m struggling to recall details by this point, and I haven’t watched any of my top cut matches yet, but my game plan included likely killing Motti first since The Best Defense is insanely good otherwise and I didn’t want any Motti dice sitting on a double focus while Palpatine reset. I was open to the possibility of just trying to burst down Palpatine early though if the situation presented itself, so this wasn’t set in stone. If I recall correctly the first two games Motti rolled into a non-pay discard side in round 1, which I did not want to see, and put a cap on the damage I’d be able to do early.

Game 1 went fairly smoothly, and game 2 did as well until I misplayed and allowed Palpatine to heal with Bacta Therapy when I could have disrupted ahead of resolving my ranged damage, which would have been chased with my melee damage to finish Palpatine off. This was, in my opinion, the only big misplay of the day that I had (despite missing some triggers and other things over the course of the 18 games), and I’m glad I was able to eventually win and get left off the hook for it.

Game 3 I definitely recall how crazy of a game it was, and that it was a total rollercoaster ride. Reihon’s double Counterintelligence play to bury my Scorched Earth was huge, and his roll out after resetting was very unlucky. In the moment I remember feeling unlucky that he found both Counterintelligences at the same time, since one was meaningless due to SM’s ability (which I now know I forgot on his activation on that same round, which would have given me a 1/3 chance of ending the game right then with Hidden Motive, oops). In the end, I was very happy to win, and Scorched Earth obviously felt great in this match up.

Top 4 vs Yoda/Leia

Unlike my earlier mill match, this was a very aggressive milling deck and I did not feel any unhappiness facing it. At top 4 it absolutely deserved to be there and could easily close out the best of 3 series before going to 90 minutes. This best of 3 was also streamed on twitch by FFGlive, so again feel free to check it out there.

Game 1 started with me losing the roll-off, which really put me in a tough spot right off the bat, as Yoda/Leia typically loses their roll-offs and prevails anyways. I then proceeded to get thoroughly trounced in about 23 minutes and was feeling like this would be the end of my run.

Moving to Theed for game 2 helped a lot, as did some hot Fist rolls and a nice Scorched Earth for 6 (I think?). This game went very smoothly for me and gave me confidence going into game three that I could win despite being back on Occupied City.

My recollection of game 3 includes an impactful Rout to remove two Leia dice (though it’s possible that was game 2) and a late very key draw of Probe off my Sentinel Messenger ability. I was lucky to be holding 2 dice cards at the time and I suspected that in addition to removing his last card my Probe would make too tempting a target for Resistance Ring to pass up, as I only had 2 cards left in hand and none in deck. While my opponent could have looked at my discard pile to confirm what was in my hand, doing so would have completely telegraphed his potentially game-winning play, so I think it was correct to not look at my discard pile and draw attention to this line of play. Additionally, I could not remember anyone’s decklist by this stage of the tournament, outside of a key card or two, so looking at the discard likely wouldn’t have made anything 100% certain. My failure to resolve my dice in the proper order to get lethal that round speaks to the mental fatigue we were both feeling at this point.

I think I’m an underdog in this matchup, particularly with 2 of 3 games being played on Occupied City, so I felt fortunate to advance to the finals.

My biggest takeaway from this matchup, however, and in the tournament’s entirety, was what a class act Matt was. All my opponents were friendly and courteous, but Matt was on an entirely different level. I never felt anything but goodwill from him, and not even so much as a hint of intensity (which isn’t even necessarily a bad thing). I never felt rushed, despite being a naturally slow/methodical player, and I never even felt he was rooting for a poor roll from me or a good roll for himself. He was a pleasure to play against start to finish, and his good demeanor is something that I’d like to work towards in my game. I think he’s an exceptional role model for our game and should be celebrated as such. For more
praise of Matt from his other opponents check out his decklist posted on swdestinydb where everyone who faced him makes mention of how kind he was.

Final Table

Andrew was unquestionably the most skilled opponent I faced all day, and I faced many great opponents. I think his build was brilliant and his play supported the build perfectly. A resource is worth much more than a damage, especially early, and Andrew built his deck in such a way that he could make great use of the many resources he produced with the droids. These games were once again streamed on twitch by FFGlive and I have not watched the matches again yet, so I will give some general impressions I had, and comment on a few spots that I remember.

My first thought is that I would have really loved to have two Riot Shields for this match up instead of two Scorched Earth. Another thought is that I was sad to see that he did not have Convergence in his deck, which I was immune to, and which I also think would have fit his goal of effectively using resources for control. Andrews use of so many multi die removal cards made it very difficult to read what his options were in any given round, as it wasn’t simply one or two cards. A check of the discard pile didn’t really shed much light on what he could play, and it consistently made my decisions difficult.

Game 1 obviously went very well for me, but I think part of that was Andrew playing a round 1 upgrade (dropping to 0 resources) and with only 1 Hidden Motive in his deck effectively giving me the green light to freely focus into max damage. Games 2 and 3 would not be like this, as he consistently kept resources available for removal.

Game 2 also started off very well for me and when Fist hit the table, I legitimately thought I was going to win 2-0. Andrews amazing comeback in that game really surprised me and somewhat rattled me.

Going into game 3 I remember thinking that there was no way I could go after Chopper again with how much work R2 and C3PO did on their own in the game 2 comeback, so I was going to go after R2 no matter what. I think this played into his game plan, as he was playing 1 copy of R2-D2 (the support) to keep C3PO and Fateful Companions alive long after R2’s death, since he was targeting 4-Lom to turn DM off.

With that said, I am typically hesitant to go after Chopper, as a round 1 overwrite into a Riot Shield for free is devastating, and I did not want to walk into that while also leaving R2 and C3PO alive to finish me off once again. By this point I was on games 16-18 of the day on 4 hours of sleep, so I really don’t remember too many details. I know there was one spot where I focused into non-lethal damage ahead of rolling out my Conscript Squad. This is a line I take against strong players from time to time, as they will typically wait until I’ve activated everything before playing any removal (as they should) and sometimes you can lose your single focus to get the chain going at this point, which can be very impactful. I don’t take this line often, but I decided to in this spot. As it turns out, he didn’t have any mitigation, so it didn’t really matter (since I hit a damage on Conscript anyways), but I thought I’d mention it since it’s not a standard line of play.

I also kept a dead Desperate Measures in one spot, which was on purpose as I was getting low on cards and didn’t want to open up a mill victory condition, which a Chopper deck with that much mitigation is certainly capable of achieving.

I recall being disappointed at only getting one resolve off my Fist one of the games where I had 3 rerolls, but on-the-whole of the tournament my Fist rolled hot, so it’s hard to feel too bad about one cold spot. One thing I did feel unfortunate about was my seeker droid never showing a special over the 3 matches (that I can recall at least, nor ever against Yoda/Leia I think) as it would have given me great information to play around Andrew’s immense removal package, in addition to removing his most pertinent piece of mitigation. I also have in my head that I lost all the Hidden Motive rolls over the three games, but this could be wildly off.

My main recollection, however, is what a great player Andrew is and that he was certainly deserving of being world champion. I think he played flawlessly.

Closing Thoughts

I had a great time at worlds and was very glad to meet so many people that I’d interacted with on discord and TTS in person. It was also great to see many friends again and to hang out with the team. I thought things were well run and that FFG did a great job. I can’t wait for world’s next year. I felt a ton of love from the community as a whole and have fallen behind on responding to all the congratulations I’ve received, and I’m very grateful for the support I’ve been given from everyone. I never thought the high I’ve felt from doing so well at worlds could compete with the low I felt after Nova, but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised on that front. I also felt a ton of support from home with many of my friends and family tuning in to cheer me on in a game they had never seen before and didn’t understand, which really made me feel great.

As far as the deck goes, for those taking 4-Lom to a prime in the coming weeks, with Chopper establishing himself as top dog I would pull the two Scorched Earths and add in two Riot Shields and just accept yellow Palpatine as an auto loss.

I think Palpatine will be seen less now since Chopper is very good into him. A single Electromagnetic Pulse could be an option as well, but I don’t think I’d be quite ready to go that far yet.

Thanks for reading my incredibly long write up!
-David “Vika” Broberg

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