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Trilogy Quick Hit (Phasma/Talzin/Greedo)

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With our first Trilogy tournament right around the corner, this week I’ll be posting a few of my favorite lists and some “why you should play this” rundowns. 
The first and foremost thing to do is to compare this list to the first Trilogy GQ winner (Talzin and the Boys)
Right off the rip we have roughly comparable HP (26 to 27), and four dice to four dice, all black resolvable sides. The mitigation suite is roughly comparable, with a few key differences (Mislead vs Subdue and Spell of Removal vs Outnumber).
That is the “at-least” output graph for character dice on offer, and things look pretty even right? Couldn’t be further from the truth.
For starters with the exception of a Greedo side, all our damage is direct. Heavy indirect damage decks do take a bit of time to get the primary target down, not so for us. Furthermore, Phasma’s damage ramps upwards the later the game goes and at minimum has two sides that deal two damage a piece which allows the use of Talzin’s ability to play around Easy Pickings without needing to sacrifice damage output.
Then you have the fact that our Talzin isn’t elite. If you play upgrades down on Talzin, your opponent has to make a tough choice. Do they go for Phasma and stop that raw damage? Or do they try for Talzin and snipe off your reliability and upgrade before it gets bumped up to one of the redeploy weapons?
Greedo fulfills a great role here as well, with a very undervalued disrupt side in a money-hungry format and of course his character ability making him a perfect indirect damage sink for when your bubble shields aren’t available. Even in a pinch, super late game, Greedo rolling out with an E-11 and a Phasma’s Blaster is no slouch.
Dank Counsel and the all-seeing Ball are as outstanding as ever, the focus and money holds everything together in a way that can’t be matched.
The three cards most compelling things to me though, in order are:
1.) Tactical Mastery. With dice in the pool, playing TacMas and rolling Talzin gets the job done in brutal fashion. Absolutely backbreaking.
2.) Recon. Combined with TacMas this can also blow someone out, but is also incredibly flexible for emergency mitigation, or post-claim damage maximization. It’s almost as good as a focus from hand, and nearly always overlooked.
3.) Free-for-All. Damage from hand, music to my ears. Dank Counsel now does a damage. So does Crystal Ball. Hunting Rifle is no longer frustrating, and in 1v1 situations sometimes all you need to do is roll out and win.
This deck is a great answer to Talzin and the Boys, and operates just as effectively as that deck vs the rest of the field, while also being just a tad faster, and a lot more resource efficient.
If you intend on playing this in a shield heavy meta environment (Yoda primarily, but also Obi and Poe) then two Frightens could be slotted in overtop of Free for All and/or Bubble Shield.
Good Luck, Have Fun!
Agent Of Zion