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Trilogy Quick Hit (Dr. Aphra/Tarkin)

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Be forewarned. Out of any of the Trilogy quick hits I’ve made so far, I am least confident in this deck but it does have some things going for it that few other decks do. I’ve been kicking it around for a while but it was prompting from SirToastalot that convinced me to put this bad boy in the wild, so if you end up having fun with the deck give him equal credit!

Looks like a mess right? Everything has a purpose, I promise.

The Primary Issues

Right on front street, this is a 21 HP deck walking into a 26+ HP meta, and we’re doing indirect damage against a ton of three character lists. A prime recipe for disaster, but not insurmountable given the amount of removal we can run since our droids are cheap right?

About that. There’s two droids we can reasonably get a discount on, both of which are unique. Hiding just below the surface is the fact that we get no other free dice for Tarkin spam, some of our damage is paid, and our only free mitigation is unreliable. And did I mention we only have 21HP?

Here’s how I climbed the hill.

Protect the Doctor!

Well, protect anyone really. Our character dice do come with good tools, and we can leverage something rarely seen in Villain. Shield spam. Ark Angel, Separatist Landing Craft, and Aphra herself have solid shield sides to use, and Tarkin brings focus to the table to get the use we want out of them.

Making a commitment to resolve almost every discard side that pops up acts as artificial mitigation as well, and makes our damage dealing job easier by pulling the opponents own tools away from them.

Stop Hitting Yourself!

HWK Without Rose? BT-1? Crash Landing? Arena as a BF choice?

This is where Bubble Shield comes into play. Those babies are worth three HP a piece, guaranteed. Keep them in your opener and play them when you can, every time. If you’re rich, I can think of no better use for two resources than to get a Battle Droid meat shield into play, and is why I’d rather run the Landing Craft instead of Droid Commandos even at a discount.

But Aphra’s second, sometimes overlooked ability is the game changer here. Crash Landing replaces itself, the Arena gives us card filtering and BT-1/HWK give repeated card draw! We get to reroll more often than any deck in Trilogy, and very rarely will our dice be sitting in the pool between rounds since Tarkin picks up any stragglers we can’t find a better use for. Bartering and Crackdown give just enough income to keep developing our board and paying for our heavy hitting sides as well.

The bottom line is, this deck should be doing at least seven damage per round starting from turn 1 from dice and cards out of hand, and aside from Bubble Shield every card in hand that can’t be played in a round is expendable in pursuit of that goal. Not all of that damage will go where you want it, but it will get applied and we have a couple other tricks up our sleeve.

I’ve Never Seen that Card Played Before

There are exactly four characters in Trilogy whose dice have a better than 33% chance to roll a side valued two or greater. We have two of them in our deck. The other two are Finn and Palpatine. When was the last time you saw any of the four played in Trilogy (or at all for that matter)? Even Obi-Wan with his double three sides isn’t played in Trilogy!

No other character combination is even close to being able to play this card, and with good reason. It’s extremely high risk in all but the most narrow of circumstances! But those circumstances are way less narrow than you may think.

1.) Opponent needs to have a char die in the field that we don’t want to see resolved.
1.a) That die needs a poor chance of rolling a high value.
2.) We need to have a char die in the pool which we aren’t married to.
2.a) That die needs a good chance of rolling a high value.
3.) We won’t cry if we tie their roll.

All of our character dice have a 50% chance of rolling a two, and there are no end to the Rose, Yoda, Stormtrooper, JarJar, Talzin, and Greedo dice out there, all of which have extremely low value. We reroll incessantly anyway, and get to pick what we reroll in this case. We’re already almost suicidal when it comes to the aggression, so this is just more of the same and damage applied ANYWHERE is good for us.

At the very least, no-one is going to be anticipating it.

Slave I, Frag Grenade, and BT-1 all have paid three-sides. If you’re already paying, why not make it a thermal effect? Given the amount of three character decks in the meta, and our ability to focus to those sides, Sudden Impact is a must-run, and will instantly turn on our Crackdown and Battle Fatigue if they weren’t online already.

We’re starving for mitigation, constantly rerolling a plethora of Yellow dice, and there are no shortage of specials or blanks to remove even if our single-die reroll doesn’t pan out in a great way. The power action will almost always do something.

At the End of the Day

Will this deck go and 6-0 a GQ somewhere? Probably not. I’d be too scared to bring it for sure and I won’t be offended if you call it trash from a super-competitive point of view. What it is, is fun, off-the-wall, and totally different from every other deck. I’ve been having a blast getting some little-seen legendaries into play and I think you will too.

I hope to see you this Saturday in our Trilogy tournament!
-Agent Of Zion