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Trilogy Quick Hit (Aayla and the Boys)

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Ok ok I took a bit of creative license with the name, there’s no actual confirmation that the Jedi Temple Guard is a boy.
But still, there they are.
Want to deal 5/6 damage ~56% of the time with one weird trick? Throw a Force Wave on Yoda! Three character decks HATE him!
If that fails you get another bite at the apple with Aayla, bumping it up to ~70%, and that’s not all!
Order now and you get another solid special to chain into with Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber!
Stun Baton looks sub-par? Resolve it once or twice, put a fresh coat of paint on it, and now it’s a Crafted Lightsaber with 33% more damage!
Sound expensive? Yoda doesn’t think so, and if you order now you get to turn those shield sides into BIG DADDY MONEY with Adapt.
Feel confident and insure your purchase by upgrading to our redeploy package in Rey’s and Heirloom Lightsaber for FREE! That’s right, FREE! Who can close a game with those sticks? Anyone you like, pick a winner!
Not only that but this deck comes with self-defense classes included. Is the guy across the table giving you a hard time? Garbage Chute that Temple Guard, he’s practically begging for it! 
Turn that BIG DADDY MONEY into super judo skills and flip the script on whiny bois Kylo/Obi with Clash or just use Flank/Mislead to get the upper hand on the gun-toting bad guys.
Don’t Wait! Heightened Awareness and Ataru Strike team up for 4/5 single target damage out of nowhere across three character dice, and you’ll no longer need to fear Maul’s Lightsaber in the process!
Tune this one-of-a-kind offer to your own specific meta by shifting Clash/Mislead over to our “I hate Indirect Damage” special, and putting The Force is With Me and Invigorate in their place!
But for real.
1.) Playable with any set of draws, hard to get a truly terrible starting hand.
2.) Yoda and Aayla both present a major threat once Force Wave or Obi’s Saber come down.
3.) Incredibly resilient (at 28HP no less) with Garbage Chutes and built-in guardian, not to mention the best removal outside of Hero Yellow, and dice manipulation off of Aayla.
4.) Yoda has a 50% chance of making any turn much smoother between his special and his focus, and R2D2 does the same at 33%.
5.) Next to no resource generation issues, and no wasted money with four great redeploying weapons.
Give this a go, and tell me what you think!
-Agent Of Zion