Welcome to TheGandork’s Mail Bag #1!  I’ve been mulling over creating some kind of regular content for months with the occasional pester-Yeti on my shoulder prodding ever so sensually.  It took me a long time to pin down what exactly I wanted this to be, but really this should have been obvious. 

For those that don’t me, my name is Nick Nelson.  I’ve judged Star Wars Destiny at the highest levels – worlds, continentals, GQs, regionals, store champs, weeknights at my LGS (Boise Boys keep it hardcore).  I don’t have a nationals under my belt yet, but the U.S. is huge and we only get one all the way on the other side of the country from where I live (grumble Europe grumble).  I’ll be judging at NOVA this year though.  I’m a freelance rules editor on Star Wars Destiny since Way of the Force – you can find my name in the Convergence starter and Allies of Necessity rules inserts listed as “Editor.”

Basically when it comes to rules questions, I probably have the right answer.  Though let me insert my disclaimer here:  Although I have done freelance work for FFG on Star Wars Destiny, all of my views and opinions expressed here are my own and in no way do I represent FFG in any capacity.  (Bases covered)

Ok BORING STUFF out of the way, let’s get to the Bantha meat and Dewback potatoes of this article.  The first rule about TheGandork’s Mail Bag is…. THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE GANDORK’S MAILBAG (uh oh paradox).  I’ll write about whatever I damn well feel like and answer any question sent to me, Destiny related or otherwise. 

What am I playing this week?

Since the freeing of Aayla, I’ve been wanting to get an eEnfys/eAayla list on the table.  Here’s where I’m at so far:

Obviously the two villain cards HAVE to be Vader’s Fist.  If I’m not making enough money to pay for the Fist, I need to change the deck to make enough money to pay for the Fist.  It’s that good.  Luckily with Enfys’ Power Action she’s basically rocking a 2 resource side and I’m supporting that with 2 Well Connected and trying to do a Closing the Deal/Mean Streets combo.  I think money-wise this deck should be ok.

The most annoying part of this deck is Aayla’s special not being able to turn Yellow dice, but she can at least turn the Fist die.  I’ve also included the 3 upgrades to also help bolster what her special can do.

The mitigation set feels fairly decent – Channel The Force I’m a little on the fence with, but it gets turned on with Enfys’ Leader and Aayla’s Jedi.  I’ve been leaning towards an “if you’re blue, you should be running 2 x Soresu Mastery” standard rule.  It reminds me a lot of DL-44 back in the day, basically giving you removal in an upgrade – then you follow up with a really decent die on the table.  There’s just too much value there not to run.

Probably not tier 1, but this should be fun as hell to play.

Bourbon of the Week:

Last Friday I went to a local liquor store that was running a rare whiskey release event.  I waited an hour and a half in line to get my shot at buying some rare releases, so yeah I’m pretty serious about my bourbon.  Expect this to be a regular section.  Anyways this weeks Bourbon is:  Blood Oath Pact No. 5.

This bourbon is incredibly smooth with flavors that offer a light touch of citrus, vanilla and honey.  You get a little back taste of rum, which makes sense because it was aged in rum barrels.  The smooth, light flavors definitely makes this a perfect bourbon to sip on a hot summers day or at a barbecue.

Alright lets get to the mail box:

Is Watto any good after the nerf? Where does he fit? Why isn’t the new Jabba, a legendary character, a staple of the meta the way Watto is/was?
John Franey

I got a little first hand experience last week at how good Watto still is in the meta, post nerf.  A local was running eWatto/Wat/Sentinel Messenger in standard vs my eMace2/eEzra3/Lightsaber Mastery deck.  I was in a less than optimal position to start since Watto is still immune to my blue removal.  I tried my best, but I couldn’t keep him off money still and I eventually succumbed with him having a Fist, two Megablaster Troopers, Solar Sailer, Fickle Mercs and Conscript Squad on the table.

And add in Wat getting extra dice in from those, it was a blood bath.  I didn’t have the best start, but villain, particularly blue villain, still has great cheap removal and he used it to keep me off my game while building.

I think Watto/Wat partnerships are going to be hugely popular still.

The new Jabba – give him some time, I think he can get there.  Watto’s power level is a bit more straight forward – make a bunch of money, play cool expensive things.  Jabba’s ability is different – he can feed a control deck events, but to what end?  He can grab bounties, but we haven’t really seen any cool enough to want to filter out of our deck quickly.

Also it’s a common misconception that legendary cards = the best or most powerful cards.  Complexity or niche-ness (meaning it works it very specific decks) tend to weigh as much or more as power level when it comes to legendary cards.  Which makes sense when you think about it – people will have more rares than legendary cards, so you want the rare cards to be widely usable so people can make a bunch of decks.  If rares were niche and you needed legendary cards to even make any playable decks, the game would be a pain to collect and play.  So basically there are a lot of factors that can determine if a card is legendary.

Dear Gandork,

Does my form work?
-Sean AKA Yeti

Yeti Mastery?  Limit 1 per Yeti.  Thanks to Yeti for figuring out how to put in the question submit box at the bottom of this email.

When I die will you delete my browsing history?

The bro code demands it, so I must.

What is your favorite card in Set 9?

Oh Man – so many to choose from!  My favorite card from set 9 probably has to be <redacted>

What’s your favorite Gencon restaurant?
-Brian Leja

Oh this is a fun question.  First off, while not exactly restaurants, the food trucks outside the convention center offer some AMAZING food at great prices.  Those are tough to beat.

St. Elmo Steak House is fine dining in super classy digs.  They’re famous shrimp cocktail will melt your face off – I don’t know if you can actually consider it food anymore they put so much horseradish in it.  Split one with your friends.  Also some amazing fancy cocktails.

Mikado is the sushi place of choice close to the convention center.  For the best experience, go in, sit at the bar and tell the wait staff you want the chef’s choice and give them your price limit (like $100).  Eat whatever they bring you, it will be amazing.

Primanti Bros is a regional chain based out of Pittsburgh, but if you’re not from the North East – go get a sandwich as big as your head.

Steak and Shake gets mentioned a lot and it’s mostly because they’re cheap.  I find their food to be above average, but they get so crowded I’d say you’re ok avoiding them.

Here’s my secret recommendation – Loughmiller’s Pub.  It’s an awesome little pub that is away from the downtown Indy craziness – check this place out for great service, drinks and pub food.  They do a really great fish & chips.

And finally if you’re a left coaster – get drunk, go to White Castle, get a sack of sliders and eat the whole thing like a disgusting animal.  It really is an experience everyone should have.

Parting Words

That’s all I have for this week.  I plan to release one of these every Monday, so keep the questions coming! You can email me at:

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Thanks for reading.