Read Artificery’s review of the best Star Wars: Destiny dice storage solution.

With the release of Spirit of Rebellion, carrying your Star Wars: Destiny collection just got a whole lot more complicated! Out and about on pre-release, the Artificery team saw a multitude of storage solutions, but none of them stacked up to the easy (and cheap!) solution used by the Artificery team.

The team’s favorite solution is IRIS Photo and Craft Keepers. These amazing storage containers were designed to hold 4×6 and 5×7 photos. Created from acid free plastic to ensure that photos are not damaged, you can rest easy knowing that your dice images will not be degraded over time by the cheap plastic found in many storage containers.

The Keepers are a two part system. There are individual trays that are about 4×6 or 5×7 inches and just thick enough for dice. These trays then slot into the outer storage container. Each of the 4×6 trays holds at least 32 dice, or a 40 card sleeved deck and 18 dice.

We recommend purchasing both a small Keeper, which comes with 6 trays, and a large Keeper, which comes with 16 trays for 4×6 and 20 trays for 5×7. The small Keepers easily fit into a backpack with room to spare for deck boxes and other items. We were able to fit the large Keeper in a duffle bag with the rest of our collection on pre-release, but if you don’t have a bag you can get it into it has a very sturdy carrying handle that does theĀ  job quite well.

Our team’s favorite part of the Keeper system is the ability to quickly swap trays from one container to another. This makes it simple and easy to go from carrying the small Keeper in a backpack with a couple decks and your trades to the large Keeper holding your entire collection and ready for a big event like pre-release!

The Keepers we have come across have very good manufacturing quality. There are no sharp edges to worry about scratching dice. Dice settle nicely into each tray and don’t rattle around while being carried. If you’re worried about having any movement in your dice storage, you can add a thin layer of sticky-backed foam – but do note this makes it a lot harder to find the right tray while searching through your collection.

We love these things so much we are working with IRIS to carry these at Artificery. Until then, the Keepers can be found at Amazon and craft stores for around $10 for the small Keeper and $25 for the large Keeper.

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