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Star Wars: Destiny Tournaments at PAX Unplugged

PAX Unplugged Star Wars: Destiny

Details are beginning to come out about how strong of a presence Star Wars: Destiny will have at PAX Unplugged. We are excited to announce that every day of Unplugged will have a large Destiny event consisting of at least 6 Swiss rounds. There will also be on-demand 8 man pod mini tournaments throughout the entire convention – other side events also seem to be in the works. The tournaments are organized by Cascade Games, the company that runs the massive Magic: The Gathering Grands Prix, and is supported by Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play.

PAX West Prize SupportThere are no details on prizes that will be on offer but the support OP provided for PAX West was fantastic – Emperor Throne Room promo for participating in each event, a Luke Skywalker promo for a win, a Vader promo for 2 wins,  Acrylic Trooper for going 4-0, and Phasma and Lure of Power play mats for players who finished well in the last event. Cascade Games also used a prize ticket system that basically equated to store credit at a literal board game store’s worth of games they had brought to the convention – Pearl Yeti won and purchased over $200 in board games with the prize tickets won during PAX West.

PAX Unplugged runs from November 17th to 19th at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Badges for all 3 days are on sale for $60 and supplies are reported as low – pick yours up ASAP if you plan to go.

The Artificery Crew will be heading to Philadelphia for Unplugged – Tacster, Agent of Zion, XeroHour and Pearl Yeti will all be in attendance. The Crew will be organizing a Destiny happy hour and we’ll announce more details as we get closer to the event.

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