Event Sign Up

Sign up for the event at Artificery.com. 

Key Dates

Registration Closes: Tuesday September 19th 8:00 PM PDT

Regulation Play Ends: Tuesday October 24th 11:59 PM PDT

Top 32/16/8 Matches: Wednesday October 25th – Tuesday November 7th 11:59 PM PDT

Semi Finals and Finals: Saturday November 11th

Regulation Play: Round Robin

During regulation play players will play a game against every other player in their pod. Players will receive an invite to a Challonge bracket to track the bracket and self report match results. Players may play their matches in any order, during the five weeks of regulation play. Players must complete games at the minimum pace listed in the below table – if they haven’t they need to contact league organizers or they will be dropped from the league.

Ranking: Match Wins

Players will be ranked by their match wins.

Tie Break: Wins vs Tied Participants

The tie break compares the match record between tied players. For example, if Katherine and Dave have the same match record but Katherine won the game they played, Katherine wins the tie break. When more than 2 players are tied, they’re ranked by the number of wins each one had against the others. In the unlikely event that a tie remains, ties will be broken randomly.

Any player with a match record equal to the 2nd place in their pod is guaranteed a wildcard spot. In the unlikely event that all such tied players exceed the available wildcard spots, wildcard spots will be given randomly among all such tied players.

Minimum Pace

Start of Week # Matches
2 1
3 2
4 4
5 5



Once registration is closed, we will randomly assign players to pods and create a discord channel for each pod, which players can use to schedule games with each other.


Reporting Matches In Challonge

You can play your matches in any order, but Challonge doesn’t make it easy to figure out how to report those matches. To do so, first find your pod in Challonge and select the Matches tab. Then find the match you are reporting and select the pencil icon. A popup will appear for you to select the winner. Report the wrong match by accident? Just hover over the match and select “Reopen”.

Top Cut

The Top Cut will begin with 64 players – the 2 top ranked players in each pod plus 16 wildcards.


Time Limit

Games will be played with a 45 minute time limit, and using FFG standard rules for tiebreaks after the round is over. Top Cut best-of-3 matches will use 120 minutes.

To easily track time in round, go up to the Tabletop Simulator tool bar, click on Objects -> Components -> Tools -> Digital Clock. When the clock spawns, right click on it, go to Timer and enter 2700 for a 45 minute timer. Use 5400 for a 120 minute timer.

Start the timer once both players have loaded and arranged their decks and are ready to draw their opening hand.



All players are encouraged to use a microphone on TTS, but they are not required. Either way, players must make their actions clear at all times.


Nuances of Playing on TTS

Don’t use the Delete Key: Undo doesn’t work on TTS. Therefore, don’t use the delete key. Instead, move resource/dice/cards to the side, or into a pouch.

Re-roll cocked dice: Sometimes, dice don’t land flat. The solution is simple: re-roll them. Apply this rule consistently for fairness.



We expect all players to behave in a sportsmanlike manner, play by the rules, and help their opponents play by the rules. We all want to win, but creating a good community is actually more important. With a good community, we will be able to play more games and have more fun for years to come! Please report any unsportsmanlike behavior by PMing a @LeagueOrganizers or sending an email to events@artificery.com.


Discord Channel

Everyone in the League must join the Artificery discord server.


Judges, Rules Questions and Updates

The discord channel #rules-request may be used for judge calls and rules questions any time during the league. Players may also contact all online judges using the @Judge role. Judges don’t make rulings on their own games and must consult #rules-request or @Judge like other players.

During round robin any rules updates put out by Organized Play will go into effect 3 days after they are announced – all players will get an email from Artificery detailing the rules update and when it will take effect for the season. We reserve the right to extend the season by a couple of days due to rules updates.

During the Top Cut any rules updates will only go into effect if the remaining players votes unanimously to adopt the changes.


League Organizers

If players have a question or comment related to the league, they can contact all online league organizers with the @LeagueOrganizer role.


Dropping Players

One challenge from seasons 1-2 is that many players had trouble scheduling all their games since opponents weren’t available. We hope that a small entry fee combined with a wildcard selection for the Top Cut will encourage a higher level of commitment for everyone to play all their games. Of course, we know that some people will need to drop from the league, and that’s fine. Remaining players in the pod will not be penalized and will still qualify for a wildcard slot as long as they’ve played everyone else in the pod. If a player must drop from the league, please let the organizers know as soon as possible. If players played at the minimum pace AND haven’t gotten in touch with us we reserve the right to drop them from the event to ensure that other players in their pod can still qualify for the wildcard spot.



Every single player who finishes their round robin games will be entered into the prize raffle which is full of great stuff donated by our sponsors. The player entry fee goes to prizes for the Top 16 players.


Top 32

The prize pool grows with every signup. This is the current prize pool for the Top 32…check back for updates!


Place Prizes
1 1 booster box + champion play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
2 24 boosters + play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
3 18 boosters + play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
4 18 boosters + play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
5 9 boosters
6 9 boosters
7 9 boosters
8 9 boosters
9 6 boosters
10 6 boosters
11 6 boosters
12 6 boosters
13 6 boosters
14 6 boosters
15 6 boosters
16 6 boosters
17-32 $5 Tournament Voucher


Thank you to all our sponsors for your generous donations!


4 custom wooden, laser etched alt-art character cards


1 Booster Box – distributed to the Top 16

Knights of Ren

4 Knights of Ren portable dice rolling mats – distributed to the Top 4

The Chance Cube

12 Awakenings Booster Packs

1 KR Multicase foam Dice Case

1 The Chance Cube 2-Player Mat

Celebration Promo Jyn – Signed by Lukas

Celebration Promo Krennic – Signed by Lukas

Three Man Meta

8 Padawan Fan Art Promos


SDCC Promo Luke Skywalker

SDCC  Promo Darth Vader

The Hyperloops

1 Hyperloops Playmat

1 Hyperloops T-shirt

12 Boosters Packs



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