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Star Wars: Destiny Galactic Qualifiers

Star Wars Destiny Galactic Qualifier

Cascade Games has announced the event lineup at PAX Unplugged and it is amazing. Every day between November 17 – 19 will feature a new Organized Play tournament structure called a Star Wars: Destiny Galactic Qualifier. Players will over six rounds of double elimination play with the winner of each qualifier taking home an invitation to the Star Wars: Destiny 2018 World Championships! Fantasy Flight Games and Cascade Games is providing the prize support which will include Prize Credits for wins that can be redeemed for unique prizes. Registration for the the Galactic Qualifiers costs $20 and is now open.

Unplugged will also feature on-demand Escape Pods – a 3 Swiss round mini-tournament with a $10 entry fee that launches each time eight players signup.

This announcement has us very excited – the Artificery Crew and The Knights of Ren will both be at PAX Unplugged. We will be announcing an after-hours Destiny hangout at a nearby Irish Cantina! Keep an eye on our PAX Unplugged event page for more details.

Badges for PAX Unplugged are on sale now and are required for entry into the events. Three day badges are selling out, pick up yours fast!

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