Standard Gauntlet

This is the current Gauntlet. There are many like it, but this one is Artificery’s.

Last Update: 26MAR2018

This is where you will see the full gamut and range of decks that the Artificery crew tests against regularly. Credit for each decklist will be given wherever possible (notify us immediately if we have erroneously credited a decklist), and we select the most representative example of each deck to put on display here.

What that means to you is that these may not be the 100% fully realized best versions of the decks, and may not be suitable for straight-up card for card adaptation to run. But they are recent, well-performing decklists that you could reasonably expect to see at any given event with relatively few changes.

Tier 1, Guaranteed To See

These are the major decks to consider. If you are strapped for time, this is where you start. If you have a deck concept or personal performance with a given deck which has a losing win-rate against more than one of these decks, you should head back to the drawing board. A deck can get to tier 1 a couple of different ways. It can be so incredibly strong that it speaks for itself, or it can be so common to see that not practicing against it would be deck suicide. The decks are in no particular order.


Credit: Mathlete77, Las Vegas NV Regional 2nd Place. 


Credit: Jonathan Ruland, Austin TX Regional Winner.


Credit: TheHyperLoops, Melbourne AU Regional 2nd Place.

Hero Vehicles

Credit: Artificery, San Diego CA Regional Winner.


Credit: Kalden Ficklin, Las Vegas NV Regional Winner.


Credit: Stranglebat, Perth AU Regional Winner.


Tier 2, Should Keep in Mind

Tier 2 isn’t an insult to the decks, but there has to be some separation between everything. These decks may either have remarkably poor matchups against one or more of the tier 1 decks, making them a meta-dependent deck choice, or simply be so uncommon as to not warrant as much time testing with or against. Having a losing matchup to one or more of these isn’t a deck-killer in and of itself, but be wary. Many of them were created specifically to prey on one or more specific tier 1 deck. At any large event you can surely expect a few players to be running the following.

Hero Mill

Credit: Destiny Council, Madison WI Regional Winner.

Naked Palpatine

Credit: Sayguh, Canadian Nationals Top 8.


Credit: The Boise Bois, Portland OR Regional Winner

Blue Heroes

Credit: Zardra, Adepticon GQ Winner


Credit: Dizstroy, Broomfield CO Regional Top 8


Credit: TheJumpingFlea, Seattle WA Regional Top 4