Sealed Tournaments

What is a Sealed Tournament?

A sealed tournament is where you open a certain number of booster packs then create a deck with the contents of those booster packs to play with for the duration of the tournament.

So you’re going to email me Destiny booster packs?

Kinda! At the tournament start time, we will run our in-house developed software that will generate 16 booster packs and output their contents into a TTS file with your name on it. Then we will PM you that file over Discord so you can load it in TTS and you will have 30 minutes craft your deck.

Are there relaxed deck-building rules?

All your normal deckbuilding rules still apply with a few exceptions.

1.) Sabine Wren has a NON-ELITE point cost of 14
2.) Mace Windu has a NON-ELITE point cost of 14
3.) K2SO has a NON-ELITE point cost of 14
4.) You may play any number of cards in your deck that you have available to you, so long as their inclusion would not break any other rules. IE: Four Electrostaffs can be played, but you cannot use three copies of Thrawn to make him Uber-Elite

What if I don’t open enough characters to make a deck, or enough cards in the right colors?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In that same file every player will receive the Deck Essentials Pack, which will help round out decks without being overpowered in and of itself.

Inside the deck essentials pack are two copies each of fifteen different cards from AWK and SoR. All the cards are faction-neutral and weapons, supports, and events are included for each of the three primary colors.

You will also receive one copy of every AWK and SoR non-unique character (except for Deathtrooper) to use as you see fit, but no duplicates are allowed. What you see is what you get.

What if I don’t open any battlefields?

In the INCREDIBLY unlikely situation that you don’t open a battlefield, one EaW battlefield will be randomly chosen for you to use.

Well this sounds great in theory, but how will you prevent cheating?

The same software that generated the files also creates a log of who has received what cards.

Every round during the tournament, the tournament organizer and any other available judges will be conducting random deck checks by entering the in-progress match and checking cards that are in play/hand/deck for both players against the log. This process should take less than three minutes per table, and time will be added to your individual match to compensate.

Any failed deck check will result in an immediate disqualification from the event. Anyone who deliberately evades a deck check by any means (deleting cards in TTS, denying access to staff, etc) will be considered to have failed, and will be disqualified.

At no time will anyone playing in the event have access to the log, the generated files themselves, or conduct deck checks.

So I’ll get 2 Legendaries and 14 Rares?

Not necessarily. Each booster pack is generated independently of all the others, and each pack has a 1/6 chance to contain a legendary. Each sealed pool has a ~51% chance to have at least three legendaries, and a ~5% chance to contain none.

Can I change my deck in between rounds?

Yup! So long as you only use cards given to you at the start of the tournament you can make any minor or major changes you like in between rounds.

What if I open Seventh Sister but no ID9 Droids?

You are assumed to own any number of ID9 Droid dice (but not the card itself) to use with her.

What are the prizes?

Prize support will consist of Artificery playmats, and (physical) Empire at War booster packs. The amount of prize support will be determined by event attendance.

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