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Recapping PAXU – Day 2 Galactic Champion

By Edwin

The first Galactic Qualifiers are in the books and Artificery asked me to write up my thoughts on the event. To introduce myself, I’m Edwin and Star Wars Destiny is my first card game since I played Magic: The Gathering during lunch time in middle school and stopped because I wanted to look cool for girls.


After reading some tournament articles, I decided it would be best to decide on a deck at least three weeks prior to the event. But after testing decks like eSeventh Sister/Magnaguard/Stormtrooper, and eSabine/Ezra to no avail, I still found myself without a deck one week before the event.


Don’t try this at home.

Luckily someone in our group posted a ePoe2/eRey2 list and I immediately got the feeling that it was strong. I had tested hero red/blue when EaW first came out with eLeia/eKanan and felt that it was competitive, so in my final local tournament leading up to PAX, I gave what would be known as R2P2 a shot. Long story short, I ended up winning the 20-person event going 7-1 against decks including villain vehicles, 5 dice villain, and eQuigon/eKanan. Following some more minor tweaking, I finalized my R2P2 deck for PAX.

PAX Unplugged Day 1

Honestly, my expectations were low heading into the event as this would be the largest competition setting I had ever been in for Destiny, and I just hoped to get 1 win a day in order to get a spot gloss card. After a doughnut from Federal Doughnuts (highly recommended), I was off to the convention center.

After losing round 2 against HonestlySarcastic from Hyperloops, I was already looking forward to a grabbing lunch within the next hour, but my deck continued to pull through over the next 4 games. The rest of the day was a blur, as I was crashing from the coffee I had earlier, and when the event ended at 6, I was desperate to get out of the convention center. Playing Destiny for 7 hours straight on a cup of coffee and a donut is not advised. My head was finally clear enough to think about it after some rabbit pot pie at Dandelion (also recommended), and I felt pretty fortunate to end the day 5-1.

PAX Unplugged Day 2

Learning from the previous day, I loaded up on a hefty steak and egg breakfast Po’ Boy from Beck’s Cajun Café at Reading Terminal Market, told my girlfriend to push our dinner reservation to 7 (she is completely uninterested in Destiny and was just there to see Philadelphia), and I was off to the convention center for day 2.

The first game I played against was a ePoe/eEzra, which was probably my closest game of the event. It came down to just cycling my two Ancient Lightsabers to keep Poe alive. This was the game that confirmed that Medical Droid has a place in the deck as I would not have won without it.

The next three games went smoothly, but during game 5 I faced an ePalpatine, which I secretly did not think was a good matchup. The game was as close as expected, but after popping two Force Illusions, I realized that there was a chance to mill. With a combination of Rey’s normally useless discard sides and C-3PO guaranteeing at least 1 card a round, the game ended with his Palpatine at almost full health but no cards left in his deck.

The day came down to a final game against Pearl Yeti. When I saw eSabine/eEzra, I honestly was pretty confident, mainly because I knew that if I could get out Caution, I could deal with most of the unmitigable damage from Sabine. Unfortunately, although I mulliganed hard for Caution, by the time I drew it, Rey was already down and I had a Poe with two upgrades against a Sabine with a Second Chance and a full health Ezra.

The game was going pretty slowly as we were both taking our time and when we got a 4-minute warning, I was facing a Sabine with 2 Second Chances and a full health Ezra. I knew that there was almost no chance I could win outright, so I had to get a damage lead, which meant killing Ezra as quickly as possible. Luckily with a combination of C-3PO, Handcrafted Lightbow, and Poe’s Blaster, killing Ezra was manageable in one round.

When we got a 1-minute warning, I hadn’t noticed that he had basically gone through his whole deck with Scavenge. When time was called, he only had 2 cards left in his hand which I knew I could easily mill with C-3PO. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure of the rules regarding mill at this point, but I was also confident I could win on damage as I had a Medical Droid out and an Ancient Lightsaber in hand. Also, because Poe had a Shoto, I knew I could prevent at least 4 incoming damage with the shield gained from Shoto, Ancient Heal, and Medical Droid while also putting just enough damage onto Sabine without popping Second Chance. Pearl Yeti was a great sport about the game at the end, and I won my ticket to Worlds!

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a great event, especially since it was my first experience competing in this kind of environment. I had a great time meeting and talking to everyone there, and I look forward to hopefully meeting everyone again at Worlds. Thank you to Artificery and Knights of Ren for everything they did at the event and shout out to the North East Tri-State Destiny group who helped me a lot in preparing for this event.

If you want a more detailed description of the deck, please refer to my write-up here.


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