Since Destiny’s release and my subsequent addiction to Destiny, I have spent innumerable amounts of time spreading the game as best I can – participating in weekly locals, running weekly locals, hosting a swanky regional, and also organizing events on Tabletop Simulator. Despite my best efforts I have seen attendance in the game decline, as people leave the game and too few people step in to take their places. Local metas have dried up in many places, forcing players to seek out other means to play the game including participating in our online events.

As many of you are aware, we have had to suspend organizing events on Tabletop Simulator. I have received an outpouring of support from the community which I truly appreciate. There are also many angry voices in the crowd, upset to see their meta shrink even further. I implore both groups to redirect their support and their anger and instead help drive forward a social media campaign aimed at three things that I think will help kick start the growth of Destiny (and hopefully your local meta).

Today I launch my very first Twitter hashtag, thus completing my training. #RallyAid @AsmodeeNA @FFGames @FFGOP.

If you agree with the points below, send your own Tweet with the hashtag to Asmodee and FFG!

#1 A Real Release & Play Calendar

Destiny has the vaguest release schedule of any CCG, a base set and two expansions per year. Beyond that, product issues have plagued the game from the onset causing many players to leave the game. CCGs are expensive and continuous investments. For many players to continue that investment they need to know the release schedule of the game beyond “on the boat”. On top of this, we are four months into 2018 with no news on the dates for Store Championships out of Organized Play. Firm release dates for the next 3 sets and their accompanying Organized Play events should be provided by Asmodee/FFG, giving us the dates for the release of the next two expansions and base set.

#2 Better Prize Support

Destiny’s $15 quarterly prize kits worked at the start of the game when the hype was real and third parties hadn’t printed dozens of different varieties of tokens. Those days are long past us, and that $15 kit isn’t cutting it anymore for bringing out players. Asmodee/FFG Organized Play must have realized this when they launched L5R – that game is supported with $12 kits and $100 kits. Destiny needs that $100 kit, or its equivalent, to help game stores get people in the door for game nights.

#3 A Complete Starter Product

Hosting locals I get constantly asked by customers how they can get into the game. The answer isn’t easy – there is no one product I can point to and say “buy that, crack it open, and sit down and play with us”. You just can’t take an existing starter and play against any constructed deck, even a jank one, and expect a new player to have a good time getting thrashed, or even worse, decking themselves by round 3. Other companies figured this out a while back – you just can’t offer starter product that is, in all actuality, half a deck. Destiny needs a real starter product, a 30 card deck with a 30 point character list. It doesn’t have to be competitively viable, it just needs to put up a halfway decent fight so that new players can buy it, crack it open, and sit down and play with us!

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ronisperes · April 23, 2018 at 1:18 pm

Great article guys.
Here in Brasil we feel the same. Store have to put a little something extra to atract player to play torneys. The kits arent enough anymore. Besides that not knowing a release or events calendar is quite upsetting.
About the starters, I have to agree too, I never stoped a new player from playing because of the number of cards (thats ridiculus), but the starters potencial goes not even half way against constructed decks.
Unfortunetly we´ve saw a national card game here with the Marvel Theme, big potencial right, have been “descontinued” and these 3 reasons mentioned here were seen by the last few mounths of the game. Sad.
Anyways, keep it up the good work and lets fight and pray that destiny has a diferent outcome.
C ya