Artificery Star Wars Destiny League Season XXIX (Start Date 04/01/2021)


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League Info


You can play a maximum of 8 regular matches during the 1 month ladder.

Every match you play will give you a point. Every match you win will give you another point — meaning you will receive two points for a win. The first match you play during each of the first 4 weeks of the league will give you another point, win or lose – meaning if you save all your games until the last couple of days you will be missing out on 4 possible points.

You may only play someone once.

After your 8 regular matches, you may play additional games against opponents you have not already played in order to help people complete their games. These games will count as tiebreak game.  Tiebreak games will add .01 point to a players score so long as the following conditions are met: A.) The player won the tiebreak game. B.) The opposing player completes at least four of their eight ladder play games.

New product releases will be allowed for ladder League play only once they are fully and natively available within the main ARH SW:D mod. RRG changes for ladder League play take effect immediately upon publication. Top Cut format will be locked in both card legality and RRG version based on the last day of ladder play.


You are encouraged to use one of the two matchmaking bots. The purpose of the bots is dual-natured, preventing players who are perceived as being “easy” from getting preyed upon, while also preventing players perceived as being “hard” from being unable to complete their 8 games. Barring truly exceptional circumstances (or repeat pairing), players are expected to play opponents they are matched against using the bots as one of their 8 games, and failure to do so will result in a forfeited game.

There will be a top cut at the end of the month-long ladder. The top cut will be determined based on the amount of points accrued over the course of the month, and the total number of players. Tiebreakers between players with the same number of points over their first 8 games will first be broken by tiebreak games (.01 points each), then by their season-specific ELO. After the top cut has been determined, you will have two days to submit a decklist. You will have 4-5 days to complete each of your top cut matches.

Top cut participants must submit a deck list. You will be given a few days after the 1 month Ladder ends to submit your decklist. Your decklist MUST be written and it MUST be submitted on time. Images will not be accepted for deck lists. Links will not be accepted as decklists. We strongly recommend that players use, open your deck, select the “Download” button and download the “Text file” to use for your deck list. There will be no exceptions to late deck list submissions or incorrectly submitted decks. Deck lists will be sent out via email to you and your opponent as a deck check every round. If your deck does not match your submission, you will be in danger of disqualification. Top Cuts will be held to a more strict schedule. In the event two players cannot complete a top cut match within the timeframe, they will both be dropped and will split the prize for the current bracket, and the bracket one of them would have promoted into. ELO will not be impacted.

League Invitational

At the end of the six month invitational period (currently 12/1/2020 – 5/31/2021) 32 players will be invited to a free-entry invitational event.  The top 2 players from each monthly league season will get an invite (invites will pass down).  Then the rest of the 32 will be filled out based on overall Elo standing for the season.  Players will be seeded into a 32 player single-elimination bracket based on Elo.

Tabletop Simulator Courtesy & Rules:

1. Be courteous to your fellow players. We’re here to have fun and roll dice, not attack one another.

2. Call a judge on any issues you might have before they become problems, and certainly do so before the end of the round (or even the tournament!)