Online Event FAQ

Yes, but ONLY if your opponent agrees to it before the match begins.

The first portion of a tournament, Swiss rounds, usually last around 2.5 – 3.5 hours. The Finals round usually lasts another 3 hours. Players who make it to the finals get a break after Swiss rounds to eat.

No. The legal card pool is any card that has had a pre-release event.

No. Players need to use the same deck without any changes to its decklist for an entire tournament.

We use Discord server with chat and voice rooms. You’ll receive an invite once you’ve registered for an online tournament.

Prize winners can expect to receive their prizes within 2 weeks of the tournament.

Artificery uses the Fantasy Flight Games Basic Structure, which is probably the same format your local game store uses. There are 4 to 5 Swiss rounds followed by a cut to the top 4 or or 8 for a single elimination best of three finals round.

Cheating is as easy in-person as it is online. If a player suspects cheating, a Judge can join a game and review the game to ascertain cheating.  Artificery has a strict no cheating policy, anyone caught cheating will be removed from a tournament and banned from Artificery.