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Now that the pre-release for Spirit of Rebellion has come and gone, most of us were able to get our hands on the fancy new cards. One of those cards was involved in some hot debate leading up to and now after the event. That card is, of course, Force Speed. When it was spoiled, People were quick to point out that it has potentially game-breaking properties. But does it? Let’s take a quick look at its potential and the kinds of decks it would work best in.

There’s no doubt that it is a potentially very powerful card. Being able to take two additional actions is rarely a bad thing. With a 50% chance to roll the special, a focus side and for 0 resources, it’s pretty beastly. The problem you run into with this card is: What do you do with all those extra actions? There are a few decks that I think would really utilize it well.

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Decks I Would Use It In


If you’re playing with the Villain mill combo of Jabba and Dooku, I think Force Speed is a no-brainer. It allows you to use your discard sides and claim the battlefield or focus into discard sides and use them before your opponent can have an opportunity to respond. The fact that it adds another focus side to your board is also very helpful if you include All-In in your deck.


I have these two as the pair because it’s a deck I have run with some success, but really, any deck that has mixed damage types. Force Speed can be used to push through both melee and ranged damage back to back without giving your opponent a chance to respond to the type you didn’t use first.


Force Speed has the potential to be amazing with Palpatine. His dice sides are already pretty fantastic and his ability makes them ever scarier. Being able to use Force Speed and resolve both of his dice regardless of what the sides are is an instant 4 damage to your opponent. That can be a massive hit at any point in the game and definitely should be considered.


Force Speed feels like a good fir for this deck since Ackbar’s focus side can play right into it. Rolling his focus side and already having a Force Speed special on the field is a great way to chain 6+ damage with Luke without the need to use All In. This is the speed punch this deck really needed.

Decks I Wouldn’t Use It In


Honestly, I feel this combo is already fast enough and doesn’t need the extra speed boost. With Rey’s ability + Vibroknife and/or Holdout Blaster, this deck already takes a massive amount of actions. At a certain point, you will reach a diminishing returns when it comes to actions in this deck. It already runs a low number of dice on the field and taking 9 actions in a row won’t really benefit you. I feel these two slots would be better utilized on cards for Poe’s ability to use or mitigation cards.

Vader/Raider, eSoRVader/eKylo, eDooku/eKylo

I grouped these three together because they follow the same principle. Hit hard, hit fast. These decks have so many melee damage sides that you should be dealing high damage every turn and those two deck slots would probably be better used on mitigation cards or more equipment to make you hit harder. The small exception here being that you might want to use it on the Raider to get those two actions quickly through his ability or Fast Hands.

Of course, with a new and ever-changing meta, I could be way off on this analysis and will happily admit fault after more extensive testing. But just based on what we know right now, it seems to me that Force Speed, while amazing for some decks, is somewhat redundant in others. I don’t feel it is the auto-include cards that many people (myself included) thought it was when it was first spoiled. Especially with things like Imperial Inspection out there that can potentially shut it down. It is a very good card and will see tons of play, and for good reason. I’m really excited to see what it can do with the full card pool now out there. With the exception of Rey, Blue was fairly slow compared to the other colors. This was a much needed boost for Blue to keep up in speed with Red and Yellow.

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