Editors Note: Congratulations to Adam L. for making it to the Finals, and a major thank you for writing up a tournament report for us! Make sure to listen to the Crew’s interview of Leddon.

Winning the European championship 2019 has been on my mind since my stupid mistake at top 16 Euros 2018 where I miscalculated the damage in game one which cost me that game and that series. I practiced hard for many tournaments during the year. I tried to win Nordics where I ended up top 4 losing to famous Your destiny Claus. I went on playing the Artificery league tournaments as well where I reached a couple of semi-finals, and I won season 6 I believe. I took down 2 of Sweden’s three regional’s and had a decent showing in Malmo GQ. But after Malmo GQ I stopped playing I live in a new town that is very small 27.000 people live here no one plays destiny but me. And I was waiting for the new meta. And in comes, the droids and I just thought this guy looks so stupid and at the same time league of legends released team fight tactics, and god is that game fun to play. Me and many of my friends played this game so much during this summer, and I could not motivate myself to sit playing stupid chopper droid on tts when I could push for Master in TFT.

So I decided to wait after Gencon and see what the meta was and look at the top decks from there and tweak one of the successful ones. So two days after Gencon I played my first games on Spark Of Hope meta. Not many weeks left for Euros, not what anyone would call ideal preparations. Everyone that knows me understands how stupid I think the design of the droids are and how little I enjoy playing games vs. those decks, so they were not an option for me even though I tested them and played them because I knew I was going to face them. I loved playing Rey/Ayala and Qui-Gon/Kannan when they were meta, and I hoped Reylo would be my new baby, so I tried it out. And my first games went well until I sat in discord playing with Mads and Claus and they just showed me how to take a real dump on the deck with Satine droids.

So I moved away from it I tested some Luke3/Yoda and Rey3/Yoda trying to counter Ewoks that everyone hated but they just auto losses to droids, so that didn’t happen. I share a lot of my collection with my brother André, and he was looking into the Jabba deck Tacster had managed top 2 in Gencon wish I had tried it a few games vs. Mads, and I knew it was good, so I pushed him towards that deck. But now I had to make a decision my brother played Jabba so I could not, I refused to play droids because I think they are stupid and Reylo is not good enough. So I started to go all-in on the creepy little bears from episode 6. And I loved playing this deck, and I think I got very good with it, but since I played with a lot of good players, I realized oh man these guys are teaching like crazy against this deck. But it was only about one week left till Euros first GQ, so I decided screw it, and I played Ewoks and see where it goes I knew that deck was not going to take down Euros, but my preparations were so bad, so I felt I couldn’t take it down anyway. I packed a chopper droids for the GQ trying to push myself to a better deck and deny my disgust for the deck.

So Wednesday evening in Poland on the hotel I was preparing for GQ playing some chopper droids with my brother and two friends from Sweden Stockholm, and I was so sad when I played this deck I didn’t enjoy the games one bit. And when the evening was almost over, Christoffer said to me I have a Jabba deck with me if you would want to play that instead tomorrow. I thought for about 3 seconds and said yes let’s do it I rather have fun. The deck was missing some great cards, but I didn’t care at the point, I Went 4-2 in GQ one loss was mirror to the Jabba master Lukas Barborik who went 6-0 in GQ and was going to follow it up with a 7-0 swiss.

So with about ten games maybe less with this Jabba version I decided to make this my Euros 2019 deck. I identified some cards missing like I needed another delve a sudden impact, and I didn’t want to run the senate chamber. I got to borrow some Card from Matthias from Germany thx for that without those cards I would never have made it! I played pods all Friday preparing for Saturday, and it went so badly. It felt like I lost to everything, droids, random jank, and mirror where my brother stomped me. And that’s where I knew I had to get those 2nd desperate measures in the deck.


Before I want to go into my games round by round, I want to thank some people that made it possible.

1st thanks to Christoffer that let me borrow his deck that’s an easy one. Secondly to all the people who helped me practice and tweak my deck to the final list. Most of all I want to thank my brother André from who I learned how to play the deck from, how to use Sentinel messenger correct how to use DM correct and a lot of the sequencing.

There are quite a lot of changes done compared to Tacsters GenCon 2nd place list. Because of the fear of Ewoks, I had to drop the chamber and 0-0-0 for two hover tanks. I also wanted to get one sudden impact in and two probes. The probes replaced sinister peace that my brother cost too much to play two cards for one die, and I agree. I dropped one embargo for the sudden impact. I wanted straight-up more droids hate adding two electromagnetic pulses. I removed one doubt and one NGTMD, and in the end, I removed the other NGTMD for electroshock. The reason behind that was that I never played the card, and it was usually a useless card round 1 against the disruptive droids. And I don’t regret it one bit.
So Day 1B started I had had some good games the night before, and I felt ready to go.

Game 1

First up chopper droids most stupid deck in SWD but I felt ready, and I played round one very well in my opinion, my opponent opted to go for damage and recourses for himself rather than disrupt me. If I remember right, I got a mega blaster and a fickle out round 1 vs. chopper which is awesome traded for him having done five damage in wat tambor and him getting out ezras lightsabre and dagger of mortis + a grappling hook. Round 2 starts I feel like I’m in a solid position I had managed to do some damage to his chopper. But then it happened right droids day out some 3po focus, and I was staring into 14 damage round 2 with one hidden motive on hand. I removed the dagger, but wat tambor and the messenger flipped sides before I had started the round, and that mountain was to heave to climb. 0-1

Game 2

Surprise Chopper droids again, but this time I played a nice kid who was so lovely that he reminded me about the messenger when I forgot to do it myself. He disrupted me but couldn’t get the damage out. It felt so bad beating this nice kid!

Game 3

I played vs. Satine droids a kid that I heard just had played Mad’s I was thinking could he have a more unlucky schedule to face me after that loss. I got everything going that game he did a good scruffy-looking on my entourage round 1 stalling me a bit, but he wasn’t lucky enough to beat me. But I saw he went from 1-2 till 5-2 so well done impressed I am!

Game 4

So four games in a row droids having the time of my life. This game is where I make my first real mistake of the day PA fickle in with tambor then he hasn’t activated 3po yet. Which he did got recourses and bought it. I was so tilted playing droids for the 4th time I got nothing going, and he closed it out pretty fast I ended up delving myself to lethal so I could just end my misery.

Four games in I hated the games I had played all my friends can confirm how tilted and angry of the meta I was after this four games, I didn’t care anymore Sunday morning no way I was going to play this meta anymore.

Game 5

This one was vs. Ewoks I drew 0 dice supports round 1 but found the embargo to stop the diplomatic protection at least. Round 2 still no supports. Luckily he hadn’t seen any strength in numbers because that would have been me out! Round 3 I get a hover tank out and get to smash 2 in everything. Still, no dead bears on the other side but luckily still no strength in numbers on his side. Round 4 I draw into counterintelligence and my 2nd hover tank. Use the intelligence sees he got no strength in number and no removal. So that’s the round of 3 hover specials!
The game was not super fun, but I enjoyed not playing vs. droids, and it got my spirit up a bit, and after lunch, I came in with a non-tilted attitude again.

Game 6

I had practiced this quite a lot, and this mirror is very basic to break down the person using his DMs better and with more impact than the other are going to win 9/10 games. I got the better of him in that trade, but he had some cool tech card like the pulse cannon some did great work in the mirror I must say and is a card I will look into putting in my deck. I won a pretty close game, and now I am 1 win from the 5-2 dream!

Game 7

Again very nice guy I only played friendly people whole weekend! So if I seemed angry disgusted or hopeless during this event, it was the meta, not the people!
So this guy won the battlefield which was fighting pit which made me shit my pants from the beginning I knew this could hurt. Round 1 fear and dead men for 12 total was not a pleasant experience, and additional damage is putting Jabba to 2 health before he was done. I managed to get a lot of resources in and roll well, getting the whole entourage package out and pumping insane 11 damage in to Vader round 1. round 2 starts and I’m sitting there if he draws another FADM I’m done, he seized the days into 4 damage to Jabba, and I felt phew at least I got this round. I managed to kill Vader and trooper that round if I remember right with an additional mega blaster who had hit the board. In the end, it showed he had a fear and dead men. But he was afraid of my removal and wanted a quick Jabba kill.


So day over I squeezed in, and because I had such crappy SOS, I had to go for a play in for the top 32. I found out I was going to play Chopper droids in my play-in round. And that if I won that one, I had to play Lukas that was 6-0 Jabba in GQ and 7-0 swiss. I really wanted to play, say hi again and try to match him. Lukas such a nice guy gave me some advice like how to prioritize and play around chopper to win the games even though he knew I’d be his next opponent.

Two other of my friends and what became “our” team had gone thru Ross Ng (Satine droids) and Paul depre (Jabba). We had some great discussion during the week together with all other Swedes. And I practiced some games vs. chopper and Jabba that night because that’s what was going to be my opponent’s deck essentially while we also drilled Ross for his dreaded Jabba matchup!

I said all the Tornomant long that one of the best players, with the most luck was going to win the Tournament, and I stick to it luck has never played such a big part in destiny as now IMO.


So play in starts and me as rank 32 face-up vs. a chopper droids from France
He was not lucky with the rolls at all he did not stare me down with 14 damage round 2 it was two damage and a recourse basically and because of his bad rolls he had to think a lot which I understand! I got what I wanted in my start hands fickle and well connected. So when he claimed round 1, I paid it with Wat, and I was rolling. The First game took almost 40 minutes, but I won it. But I knew if I lose this one I’m going to lose game three on time and damage. So I told my opponent that we had to play a bit faster. He Scruffy-looking Nerf Herder me, and that would have been great if I hadn’t drawn into two fickle + 1 well connected this time. His rolls were slightly better this time but not good enough, and he didn’t have the luck he needed this time.

Top 32

So I was going to face the 13-0 Jabba in top 32 I was so happy to play him the night before I taught damn this is tough, but I changed my mindset till I’m going to try to give him a hell of a series.

And I considered myself very lucky in these two games I got to DM his fist both games. It’s not only luck, of course, I mulligan hard for the card and I made the whole game about that card. I had a significant advantage in this matchup, and it was two probes vs. none. So when I knew he had DM, I had a way easier time to get it off his hand than he had. Even tho I got to make so much stronger Dm plays he still took me so close to damage in both games, and I think he showed me how good he plays that deck. And I honestly think I won this because of probe and embargo + a lot more luck. I am not going to pat my own back and say I outclassed when I didn’t! But the slightly better deck in mirror pushed it thru to a 2-0 victory, and my revenge from GQ was taken. Also, this was the point I started feeling like holy crap I can actually win this thing.

Me Ross and Paul were all on the same side of the bracket, which was both sad and fun, and Ross and I took 1 step closer to fight each other by reaching the top 16. Paul fell short in his Jabba mirror, so now we were two left.

Top 16

One of the surprise decks in the Tournament was E Thrawn Sentail messenger played by a nice English guy David who had crushed me with Aphra Thrawn in a pod two days earlier. I was a bit scared of this deck at first, but when we got to see the decklist, I calmed down. He had no way to remove my supports on his own, and that made my embargo very deadly, just calling out admiral. Since he relied on resets. He managed to use my DM to take it away anyway. But he never got going in any of the games he could not stop my ramp, and it was a quite comfortable matchup in the end for me. Lucky for me, unlucky for him to face each other.

Top 8

So my friend and teammate Ross had finally been able to beat Jabba the Hutt in his top 16 match, in our testing Satine droids had a big issue execution their game plan vs. Jabba. And now we had to battle each other for a place in the semi-finals on stream.

Game 1 was very close we both rolled kind of bad, but I got a clutch Embargo on Chewies blaster. Ross had to change from Satines typical ramp style vs. me because I will win the ramp war. So he went for upgrades that could hurt me early. So taking the blaster out was crucial. But his playstyle also made my DM very bad. Game 1 came down to him trying to reroll 2 Satine dice and an LS cannon to find five indirect damage and me rerolling a Fist for damage, and I got there first. Yes, I think stats where on my side because I had the first roll, but that’s still close.

Game 2 was close for a while he made a mistake, and from there he started to lose grasp of the game it’s all on stream don’t have to go into that more, but the damage race still got quite close — another 2-0 Vs. an excellent player. Without playtesting during the event with him, I would not reach the finals.

Top 4

So Satine droids again I thought more of the same Alfonso was 4th overall after Swiss thus another tough opponent. Just as the Thrawn matchup looking at deck list was so huge for me! This was the first Satine today that ran 0 supports all aggro upgrades and action cheat. Basically, Satine playing as chopper. So he consistently took 2 of my resources and got 2 of his won and pumped up upgrades. Which I can see is good in other matchups.

But he ran very few removals, and because Satines damage sides are indirect, he lowers his chances to god roll a lot. This made me feel less under pressure, and I think I got to delve fist early in both games and because he ran low removal and I got counterintelligence in the right time every time I needed it the games were quite easy. Again I was lucky in a favorable matchup, which was me being lucky to get. He didn’t play bad at all he played good in my opinion the matchup was just bad for him.

And just like that, I was in the finals Satine, and Jabba 3 wide was fighting on stream where I was rooting for Satine because of its a favorable matchup for me and less luck dependent.


I went into the finals full of confidence including the Swiss rounds I was on a 13 games win streak. I had played Tony on GQ Malmo 1 game and won that so I also knew he was a player I could win against even though he always does good in the Artificery league!

I think we outplayed each other during the two first game in different ways I won the DM war in game one while he constantly baited me in the Counterintelligence.

Game 1 I had momentum, and while things went right for me, they went bad for him, with his bad luck in that game I didn’t see much more he could do so I capitalized on my chance.

Game2 the game of nightmares for me or as I like to call it three disrupt from European championship victory.

This was a classic DM war we both had the DM early I was forced to do one on his fickle and he saved his 2 for round 2. I was up on resources and drew into a fist and embargo. So this is one of my best played rounds in the Tournament, he plays down the senate chamber with Wat to get my DM out. I don’t know that its a bait at the time. But he rolls it out I DM it because I have Embargo on hand knowing he has to DM in his hand. I put down embargo going down to 4 res, but with the help of BF I can take in that 5th one to play fist. I put down embargo saying DM the freaking DM war is so won this game is in the bag he has no removal on hand I just needed to grab that res and play my fist and start closing out the game.

Then he delves out a fist, and I think okay that’s rough but fine then the die rolls 3 disrupt and completely ends that game any other roll I will close that game out. But he rolls three disrupt and instead wins the game. Then I kill Jabba which I’m still not sure I did I’m quite convinced he was at 8 and I messed up the tokens, I didn’t argue because the game was over I just wanted to see how he played out the game.

I was not even little tilted over the Jabba suicide; it was only that three disrupt that was on my mind.

Refocus for game three my first hand is shit mulls 5 and comes back kind of shit. And he had the reverse game that I had in game 1, and he could easily beat me. I could never get down his Jabba to cancel his DM and was forced to delve in a fist into a DM. I also started to make huge mistakes 10-11 hours in of playing forgetting to buy a Fickle which costed so much damage.

And last round of the series I had put down my sudden impact on the board because it was the card I had to have to win the game earlier. And I totally forgot about it and drew five new cards play that hover tank. And when I was looking at my hand, I could not find my Sudden impact; then I found it faced down on the board. I played it and realized I have way too many cards. I started to do the match had he played a well connected or something. Then I realized I had drawn 1 extra card. I rolled the hover tank in just to see if he had removal because if he had the game was over anyway and I didn’t have to bother calling judges and prolong my misery. And he had as I expected. So I just let it be, was it the correct decision maybe not, but 11 hours playing makes your head slow. I’m just glad I didn’t win Euros on that. I lost Euros on that three disrupt vs. an excellent player that managed to have slightly more luck in that game. I have had plenty of success during the Tournament, and I am not mad about it was just sad to see the luck ending so close to the end. Tony was a great opponent I couldn’t draw him into my fast pace game play making him make mistakes he was so calm even though losing game 1 and being in such a roughs top match 2. And again I think I had the favorable list in a mirror so Kudos to him the European champion I’ll try to get my revenge last year!


I want to say big thanks to everyone who was cheering me on from home, discord and on the venue, also big thanks to Claus and the other judges and the people organizing the event even tho prizes was kind of blah you guys did a great job making it an awesome experience for everyone.

Even tho it was huge going to Euros and play the final the most important thing I did this weekend was waking up 06.00 Monday morning with my brother taking an uber to Auschwitz and see where all the horrible things happened and to remember how lucky we all are that we can travel and meet all these remarkable people from all around the world and just playing Star wars destiny it puts the final loss I perspective. Enjoy playing Destiny everyone I’ll see you on tabletop and at Nordics and don’t forget our history!

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