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Mill ‘Em Dead pt 2

Hello there! This last weekend was a BLAST with the Tampa crew, Star Wars: Destiny and a local brewery 🙂 After publishing the list I intended to play at the Trilogies event I wanted to go in depth and cover the changes I made and how the deck evolved to get a 4-1 with it’s only loss coming to a Yoda/Jedha/Jedha mill deck (and by 1 card I didn’t count properly….:) Let’s take a look at the final list and see what I actually took into the event.

Use The Force Luke

First off let’s look at the changes to the upgrade slots. Previously I was running 7 upgrades and the card I dropped from the old list was the 2x Roguish Charm. This card went through a LOT of changes as I tested how rainbow mill fared against the known meta of Trilogies decks.

Right here you can see the initial thoughts and heart of the deck. Lots of stuff to keep me alive and remove your dice while I just mill, mill, mill. But as I began to actually look at the deck I saw there were some problems and I began to attack those weaknesses and try to fill in the gaps. The first round of changes was adding in Mend, The Force Is With Me and Law And Order. These three cards made the final cut because they are really powerful! But let me explain the thoughts behind each of these cards.

R2P2 was known as being super hard to keep a character down. They could make shields and heal damage and keep pushing on for round after round while you just wondered if you actually dealt any damage in that round. That sustain was something I LOVE about hero decks, and the colors that are able to create that level of synergy are Blue/Red. Going into the rainbow mill I knew Yoda had that ability to make shields but he needs some more help from the red cards. This pushed me to add Rose because she was the perfect utility character to give me all the die faces I needed and access to the red cards I wanted.

Mend was the best healing event in Legacies for hero decks and Yoda makes enough money that Mend is usually online at any given moment. If you look at the card, healing 3 HP for 2 resources might not seem impactful, but that’s 30% of Yoda’s HP and on average 2 dice of damage. Mend was perfect for the deck, it was a defensive option that was another form of removal. In my head aggressive removal looks like Easy Pickings or Entangle. Your opponent rolls dice and you aggressively remove the threats before they hurt you. But Mend works in the opposite way, if the opponent rolls damage (say 1 melee and 2 melee) I can let them resolve those 2 dice and then respond with Mend. Essentially I had played a Red version of Entangle in that situation and nullified 2 of their damage dice for 2 resources. I know this doesn’t translate into a 1 to 1 ratio with Entangle but it does keep you alive longer and make the resources spent to deal you damage mush less threatening (cards, dice, actions, etc).

The Force Is With Me was recommended by Rick. I didn’t consider how potent the card really was because all the decks I feared used Melee as their main damage side. I was focused on Boba/Talzin with that turn 1 Heriloom Saber/ Maul’s Saber or the Kylo2/Anakin pairings. Rick reminded me about some of the other decks I had forgotten and I am so glad he did. Vehicles, Tarkin, Talzin/Trooper/Trooper were very potent threats and had some very high values on their dice that wold be prime targets for TFIWM. I listened and added this card into the deck and it was a worthy inclusion. Game 1 at Tampa it helped push my advantage by removing a Resistance Bomber die showing the 6 indirect damage side and then the 3 indirect damage on the next round. It even had some impact against the other mill deck because I was able to remove the Jedha die and avoid milling 2 cards off the top of my deck twice in the game. The only matchup this card has little to no use is against Kylo2/Anakin, but even still this card offers tremendous value for single die removal.

Law and Order was a tech call that could be swapped out for specific meta choices, but I needed a way to stop the Maul’s Saber dead in its tracks if someone ever got it online. In Tampa I never saw the Maul’s Saber because I was able to mill it early game. But this card did see some impactful plays when the opponent would go for their big upgrade turn one or two. In one of my games the opponent dropped an Obi’s Saber and rolled out the special. I played Law and Order to not only remove the die but crush their turn in both economy and tempo. The entire first turn was a setup to play that card and they had banked heavily on that upgrade holding them to win that game. Being able to just discard their best upgrade or first upgrade in the game feels really good. If you get lucky and mill a lot of powerful upgrades turn one or two, then using Law and Order early on will most likely win you the game. If you’re not winning you at least helped relieve a lot of pressure off your team since those turn 1-2 upgrades are usually the most impactful over the course of the game. There is a time and place to play this event, but believe me it is a really nasty card a lot of people aren’t expecting when you have 3 resources on the table.

Deck Officer?? Deck Officer!!!!

The next round of changes added in these 3 cards and removed a lot of stuff. Initially I was having some really bad problems with burst damage coming from a couple dice. I was unable to remove big plays with Entangle and Easy Pickings doesn’t really work well against Heirloom Saber/Maul’s Saber plus Kylo2 or Anakin dice. Sure you have the 1 and 2 melee sides but your opponent wants to roll in 2 melee and 3 melee or 2 melee and +4 modified melee. This leaves little in terms of mass removal from the cards in the removal suite to react to. Into The Garbage Chute was my best and practically only answer to blowout rolls and I was NOT happy that I was relying on 2 copies of a card to save my bacon if the opponent god rolled on me. Roguish Charm became a clear weak point of the deck because the Jedha was either the first character to die or he was being thrown into the garbage chute. Putting any upgrade on that character always felt bad and a waste of an action and resources. I immediately looked to find something in red since I was using Rose I figured that red could offer something in terms of sustain or perhaps utility.

Since I could easily special chain with Yoda and this upgrade didn’t need to spot anything or be attached to a specific color of character, I figured let’s try this and see what happens. Long story short, NOTHING. This card is neat but not really useful in the mill deck. I cut it and began to look at Force Focus as a replacement.

Shields, money and soft mitigation. This was a dream come true and spotting a blue character is easy. As testing went on problems began to arise with this card though. Extending the special chain was honestly useless and if I didn’t have a blue card in hand or the opponent didn’t have any dice on the table I would flip into a resource or shield with Yoda. But if I never played the upgrade and instead resolved the Yoda special for 1 shield AND 1 resource, why was this card in the deck???

The realization that I was wasting an upgrade slot was good and opened up the space for Inner Strength. This card was doing something I wanted no matter what I was rolling. A focus, two shields, one resource and double special was much better than anything else I had been using for this slot in the deck at this point. If I rolled something that was not a focus I was not disappointed and the special chaining was great for keeping Yoda alive 1-2 turns longer before he was killed. I could also pressure shields if the opponent tried to block the special with the indirect damage coming from Rose and the Jedha so I was never really unable to use the special to swing 2 damage in my favor. But another problem was becoming clear to me….

I could not stop specials easily with the current cards in the deck. Canto Bight pistol, Obi’s Saber, Crossguard Saber were eating my lunch and taking my milk money because they could. I felt comfortable with the upgrade suite and began to turn attention to the events and see how I could fix this problem. The first thing I realized was that I needed special spot removal online at any time. Unbreakable was a very clear choice and I decided to take out R2-D2 and Republic Cruiser out for some strong removal. Ever since adding in Unbreakable I stopped worrying about specials and was able to shut down these damage dealing die faces that were killing me in testing.

Well Connected was my attempt to fix my economy problem and decrease my cost curve. Forcing the opponent to draw 1 card was also helping me mill the deck faster while gaining those valuable resources I needed to actually play all of my combo pieces. This card did what it was supposed to do and honestly nothing was wrong with the card. But every time I played it I began to assess my own play decisions and how I was spending my resources. I quickly realized I was doing this all wrong and that I could cut the card, make more resources and play more aggressively.

I Done Goofed

I realized one game after testing that I was spending too many resources on dice and supports I didn’t need and missing out on opportunities to play events I did. This led to the next version of the deck where I dropped 1 Suppression Field, 1 Bubble Shield and 2 Well Connected. Those supports were cute little tricks I could use with Rose to absorb damage, heal and absorb more damage. The problem with that plan was I would have to spend 2 resources on the Suppression Field and then wait another action to remove a die. At that point in the game I was already going to take damage to the face and I had spent 2 resources and unable to gain value from the support when I needed it. The opposite problem would happen to me too. I would spend 2 resources to setup the Suppression Field and then the opponent rolls out no damage and I can’t use Entangle to remove dice showing resources I know they need to play big upgrades. So once again the Suppression Field is too early or too late in actually helping me out.

After this realization I cut back the chaff and changed my approach to be MUCH more aggressive about removing threats and making my opponent’s dice useless. I was still having problems with removing dice that were killing me and dealing with specials.

I decided to drop the 2x Well Connected and add in 2x Flank. This was by far one of the best adjustments ever made because I was now able to stop big damage, specials or whatever I wanted if my opponent rolled first (and they always did). I needed ways to setup the game sequencing so the opponent went first and opened themselves up to Entangle, Garbage Chute or Easy Pickings plays. But smarter players would roll out a support hoping to roll big damage (aka Resistance Bomber) and then resolve so my removal was less useful. Flank is really good for my deck because I can setup multiple Medical Droids and/or Bespin Wing Guards and stall character activations longer than most decks in the Troligy format. That means this 1 drop is online for a majority of the turn and its able to remove anything I don’t want to deal with. Now I was able to handle specials, resources or whatever die face that wasn’t damage. Between Flank, Unbreakable and Entangle I was finally able to remove a majority of dice no matter what they rolled out.

Stay On Target

Over the year(ish) we have had Destiny I have always been a huge voice for balancing economy. Having a tight economy and spending your resources wisely will give you an advantage each round you play and in the long run contribute to your victory. I was noticing that I could mitigate enough damage with removal events and didn’t really NEED Inner Strength to move damage off Yoda in the special chain tricks. I dropped Inner Strength for another very powerful 1 drop event. Mislead was something I began to appreciate as we tested more and more because it hits a LOT of dice that hurt me. Kylo, Anakin, Talzin and Tarkin all have some nasty “2” sides that Yoda doesn’t want to deal with. Paying 1 resource and playing Mislead is much better/easier than trying to play a 2 drop upgrade or support and create shields or move damage that’s been dealt or remove a die and place damage on Suppression Field. Plus paying 1 resource means I have 1 resource available to play other big removal events and keep pressure on the opponent to sequence their activations wisely.

Keeping 1 resource on the table scares people and that helps with the mind games and forcing players to make mistakes or play too passively. As I began to play the final version of this deck I saw that I was constantly able to pressure mill with Force Meditation and Bespin Wing Guard while keeping enough resources open to play Easy Pickings, Entangle and whatever else I needed to extend the game one more round. But that 1 resource was winning me games over and over. Spending 2 resources on an upgrade early in the round was a BIG mistake because it allowed my opponent to roll out damage and resolve it freely. But If I had Scrap Heap online I could roll out Rose first to try to get the special or indirect damage to mill and activate Scrap Heap to help create resources. Then I could play my 2 drop upgrade on Yoda while keeping the resources needed to remove threats and force the opponent to play around Easy Pickings and Garbage Chute.

Staying on target with mill can be tricky. We want to mill, discard, create resources, shield up all while trying to win the game by dealing no damage. Staying focused on removal and mill made tweaking the last cards much easier. I don’t NEED upgrades outside of the five I’m using and I really NEED removal to keep my team alive from turn to turn. So after assessing the needs and wants of the deck, I believe this is one of the best versions of rainbow mill for the Trilogies format.

Do Or Do Not

All in all this deck is a lot of fun to play. There are a lot of lines of play and there are many options for the pilot to consider and execute. I believe this is a very viable way to play mill in the Trilogies format. If you want to imagine it this way, rainbow mill is more of a defense/sustain way to play mill. Yoda/Jedha/Jedha is a faster and more aggressive way to play mill. Both are viable and they offer a lot of options for players looking to pilot a mill deck in Trilogies. Is this the best version? I cannot say that it is, but I can say that it is effective in keeping characters alive a really long time and removing a lot of dice every turn. But most of all my favorite thing about this deck is the challenge of playing it every game. There are so many tools you have to use that figuring out what tool to use and when to use it forces the pilot to make critical decisions and assess each part of the game as they play through it.

Thanks for reading about this adventure in crafting something I’ve never played before and the challenge of finding the right cards for the hardest situations. Destiny is all about finding what best suites each situation. Yes there are more efficient cards and more powerful cards than others, but the challenge of building decks and then piloting them keeps bringing me back. If you’re enjoying these articles please let me know in the comments below, I love talking to people in the community about Destiny. And if you haven’t done so already, please consider supporting the Knights of Ren on Patreon. Even $1 helps us get to events and bring you high quality coverage, produce the podcast and create more YouTube videos. Check us out here: and thanks for making this game and community so freaking awesome!