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League Season 3 Update: Prize Support – Artificery

Prizes prizes prizes! League Season 3 is fast approaching and the prize pool is shaping up to be the best yet – so far there are 2 booster boxes, 12 booster packs, 4 dice rolling trays, 4 play mats, 2 rare Promo Cards signed by Destiny Creator Lukas Litzsinger…and more!

The prizes for the tournament are divided into two sections which will make up a single prize pool – Player Funded and Sponsor Donations. The Player Funded prizes grow as more players sign up for the League.

The League isn’t just about prizes though. This is an opportunity to play with players from all over the world, meet new friends, hone your skills for Regionals and get on streams and podcasts with some of the best Destiny players and content makers in the community.

Don’t miss your chance to play in the League – signups close on September 19th at 8 PM Pacific. Head to the event page for more details.



Every single player who finishes their round robin games will be entered into the prize raffle which is full of great stuff donated by our sponsors. The bulk of the player entry fee goes to prizes for the Top 32 players with the rest supporting the raffle.


Top 32

The prize pool grows with every signup. This is the current prize pool for the Top 32…check back for updates!


11 booster box + champion play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
224 boosters + play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
318 boosters + play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
418 boosters + play mat + Knights of Ren portable dice rolling tray
59 boosters
69 boosters
79 boosters
89 boosters
96 boosters
106 boosters
116 boosters
126 boosters
136 boosters
146 boosters
156 boosters
166 boosters
17-32$5 Voucher – eligible for events and Artificery store purchases



Thank you to all our sponsors for your generous donations!


4 custom wooden, laser etched alt-art character cards


1 Booster Box – distributed to the Top 16

5 Play Mats – not a donation – provided at 50% off retail

Knights of Ren

4 Knights of Ren portable dice rolling mats – distributed to the Top 4

The Chance Cube

12 Awakenings Booster Packs

1 KR Multicase foam Dice Case

1 The Chance Cube 2-Player Mat

Celebration Promo Jyn – Signed by Lukas

Celebration Promo Krennic – Signed by Lukas

Three Man Meta

8 Padawan Fan Art Promos


SDCC Promo Luke Skywalker

SDCC  Promo Darth Vader

The Hyperloops

1 Hyperloops Playmat

1 Hyperloops T-shirt

12 Boosters Packs

About Sean

Founder and Crew member of Artificery, Sean has played CCGs since the mid 90’s when his friend gave him a starter and then destroyed him with a Millstone deck. After an-off-and-on relationship with MTG, Sean stumbled across Destiny during the pre-release event in a sleepy game store in Portland and fell in love.

Sean runs weekly Destiny events at The Portland Game Store and enjoys organizing Regional events at historic Portland venues. When not chasing wins at tournaments across the country you can find him in the Artificery Discord under the made-up-name Pearl Yeti.

About the Crew

The Artificery Crew is a top performing Star Wars Destiny team, that prides itself for its welcoming community, tier 1 strategy articles, fun podcasts, and engaging video content. If this sounds good to you, head on over to our Patreon to get immediate access to everything as we produce it and priority access to the Crew for playtesting, upcoming tournament strategies, meta discussion. The Crew also hosts one of the largest free access Discord servers for the Star Wars: Destiny community full of lively chat and the best rules discussion channel available.