Overall, the events were well run and fun. There were a couple of hiccups with pairings, late arrivals, drops that didn’t report it, etc. The organizers switched from TOME to Cryodex for day 2, and it was much better. The main events were odd – when they said “double elimination” I assumed it was a bracket. Instead, it was normal Swiss pairings but anyone with 2 losses was dropped. The judges were volunteers from Houston, and knew their stuff – there were no major rules disputes through the event.


There were a few new spot gloss cards, but generally known stuff. The spot gloss battlefields are actually pretty cool, but not what anyone wanted. Yoda did sell out, but only at the very tail end of Sunday. Most of the other prizes were pointless. People were doing a lot of buying and selling on the last day to try and build enough for a spot gloss character. I don’t love the way they handle the prize ticket counts, but nothing to do but endure and press forward.


Most of the usual suspects were in attendance, but there was surprising diversity, even among successful decks. I probably played more against QG/K than I did R2P2, but Rainbow 5s was still prevalent, the new Nightsister gimmick was there, and a Hero Vehicles deck did remarkably well all days. After the Nightsister moment at the end of Day 2 (see below) it showed up a lot more the next day. Hooray for netdecking!

Notable Event

Day 2, during the final match, the Nightsister deck managed a double Price of Failure with double Boundless Ambition and went off for 24 damage in one round. IMHO this deck works as an ambush, but not reliably. Coercion is totally worth putting back in why people the PoF is safe again though.

Personal Lowlight

My last opponent on Day 1 was a Palpatine player, younger, but a great player. We were both going quick, and I realized I’d missed my Shoto triggers twice. I asked him to slow down, shouldn’t have been anything major… but his dad was close (another player) and jumped into the game, accusing me of trying to intimidate him. I tried to at least get him out of the game, but he kept at me. Judge eventually had to show up and run him off.

My Own Play

Overall I played in all 3 main Qualifiers, and a total of 5 Escape Pods, 1 draft and 4 normal. Drafting was very popular with Legacies just out, but I hated it – drafting typically doubled the time for an Escape Pod, which I didn’t care for since faster Pods meant more tickets. I ran Mace/Trooper for everything but 2 pods – the one draft, and one regular where I broke out my Jabba/Dooku mill. After that one I told my brother-in-law to treat me like a recovering addict and make sure I didn’t leave the house with that deck again. Mace did pretty well. Overall I think Mace ran around 60% wins for the weekend and overperformed against the common meta decks – Palpatine gave me some issues, and a couple of games were just plain bad draws or crazy dice.

Day 3: My best day. I started 4-0, beating two Rainbow 5s, an R2P2, and the previously-mentioned Hero Vehicle deck. I ran into another R2P2 in Round 5, and his dice just exploded in my face. Mace had 9 damage on him before I took an action in the second round. No real coming back from that. Final game was against a QG/K that I should have won – I made several bad misplays that I chalked up mostly to exhaustion at that point. He did too, we were all pretty wiped by that point, but mine were worse and he knocked me out of a 5-1 finish. Regardless, I ended with my goal – 4 wins gave me the 12 I needed for the Maul card.

Day 1: Mixed. Won the first round by demolishing a QG/K, which felt good. Lost in 2 to a Palpatine Deck that Force Speeded into an improbable reroll. Bye on 3, which hey – free tickets, not going to argue. Beat a new-ish R2P2 in 4, then lost to another Palpatine that, again, Force Speeded into rerolls with his final cards and killed me despite a whole mess of mitigation in my hand. Screw Force Speed. Seriously. Played in some pods after that, doing well enough to get the Mace spot gloss – not the common first choice, but how could I not?

Day 2: My worst day. Two of my 3 matches I ended the game with only one upgrade on the board. Just not going to win like that. Did better in the Escape Pods through the day, earning about 6 tickets and buying the rest off a friend who was done for the weekend and had extras. Yoda!

Happy to be done with the weekend and taking a few days away from the dice, but already looking forward to the next one!

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