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JustJack – GDP’s 8-0 Season 5 Run with Sabine

This is a guest spotlight written by JustJack – GDP from the Golden Dice Podcast. You can find their content on Youtube and Facebook, so give them a few likes and some views!

So I am not even sure how to kick this thing off. Lasci had asked me to do a write up of my experience with Season 5 and what helped me finish the “ladder” at 8-0. In all honestly it took some luck along the way, just barely escaping a few match ups.

It is hard to remember what exactly I faced in all 8 of my matchups but for myself, I ran Sabine/Ezra for the first 6 and Boba/Seventh for the final two. I was tempted to bring Boba 7th to my regional in Connecticut so I wanted to get some competitive games in with it, I still ended up bringing Sabine with me. I have little insight into the Boba/7th as I really just took the Fargo Regional winner and ran with it, it felt strong but I wasn’t nearly as comfortable with it as I was with Sabine

So entering the tournament I was torn between Sabine/Ezra and 7th/Tarkin. The latter was very high on two of my play-testing partners’ lists and which they finished at 4th and 9th at the NJ regional. I wasn’t as sold on it as they were (They still hate me for that). So I ended up going with Sabine because I played her a bit in EaW and knew the deck decently enough. The early turns with her were tough to navigate at times as you were still setting up but needed to keep her alive at all costs. By the time round 3 rolled around you were generally set up for the 12-14 Never Tell Me The Odds play to just blow your opponent off the board. With Hyperspace Jump, Impersonate, and Second Chance, you always have to weigh whether or not you can play a gun or save your money for survival. I know Sabine has the trope “Sabine does Sabine things” and the deck is a roll well and win, or roll bad and lose, but there is so much more to piloting this deck than simply your ambush rolls.

I don’t mind sharing the list as I doubt I will run her in the top cut and the deck really makes itself with maybe some flexibility with the last 4 cards. You play against Sabine and you know what is coming. The upgrade package and support package are standard and I don’t think you’ll ever see much change between them. As you get into events cards like Hyperspace Jump, Never Tell Me The Odds and Easy Pickings, you know they are all there to stay. The last few cards came down to all the same ones, but really how many of each should I play. All have their usefulness. I was constantly swapping between 1 or 2 Vandalizes, Truce, Friends in Low Places, Hasty Exit and Into the Garbage Chute. You can tell how this list eventually worked itself out in the end from my standpoint. I can see people maybe going down to one Vandalize and one FILP and adding another Truce and bringing a Hasty Exit back. There is some customization here but it really all comes down to the same cards.

One reason I loved Sabine too is that even in her worst match-ups (I am looking at you OTK) you can still just save yourself from rolling well. It is hard to stop a Sabine who just does 8 damage first round and 8 the second. That is a dead character and some damage on another. Of course players know that so they will play an early Force Illusion to counter it, but they could still just not draw it first turn. This isn’t something I would ever bank on, but it can happen.

I can say along the way I got to play some good players and play against some good decks. I remember facing a Sabine/Ezra, brOTK, Poe/Hondo, hero vehicles, Tarkin/7th and Boba 7th. I wish I could remember the rest but I know some of those games were nail biters.

Ultimately she did me well going 8-0 with her this season and 11-4 at two regionals. If anyone is thinking of picking her up for their regional or this top 64 cut I can’t stress enough that keeping Sabine alive another round is much more important than getting that third weapon on her. Even sometimes rolling out and not resolving paid sides so you can still Hyperspace Jump or play that Second Chance is necessary. I’ve seen Sabine players each turn play an upgrade but end up with no money to pay for Easy Pickings or Into the Garbage Chute for removal and it can really bite you in the rear. Some decks you know you can be aggressive against but OTK and Boba/7th can even kill Sabine turn 1 if you aren’t careful. As soon as she dies, your deck is just about finished. Although I have closed out with Ezra on a NTMTO… but that was only once. I know I enjoy playing her but I think for the top 64 I will be moving on. You know what that means? 0-2 in the Round of 64!

Big shoutout to Artificery for this tournament. I only participated in Season 3 before and I am absolutely loving the changes from then to now. I felt everything went smoothly and finding matches was quick and easy. Good luck to everyone entering the Top 64!