One of the characters I was most excited for this set was definitely DJ – Treacherous Rogue. Just looking at him, he hit all the points I wanted from a character. At 16 points, he has decent pairings with all three colors. He has 2 base damage sides at 2 damage each. Most importantly, he turns all your removal events into damage out of hand cards. Here’s a few decks I’ve been working on with DJ.


Scum and Villainy

This is the first DJ deck I built when I got him. In my desire to make Aphra even better, I paired her with the treacherous flip-flopper. The result is a lethal combo of droids and removal. Aphra’s ability is excellent this set with the addition of 0-0-0 to the mix. 0-0-0 and BT-1 combine for massive damage without even caring what the roll out is on either of them. Personally, I think 0-0-0 is the best non-vehicle support in the set. For the low-cost of 2 resources, you get a die with 3 base damage sides and no blanks. Streetwise is also an extremely good card in mono-Yellow. The economy it generates is excellent and it allows for cards like In the Crosshairs to be very affordable. The biggest weaknesses of this deck are pretty obvious. Kylo2 really hurts it since it is one color. Also, not getting the 0-0-0/BT-1 combo active early is also pretty rough since it generates a ton of damage for you.



Out of the three decks listed in this article, this is probably the most consistent one. Snoke is incredibly consistent with his focus sides and his ability turns DJ’s dice into something to be feared. Resolving 4 damage into an opponent with 1 die is incredibly good, especially right now considering the large amount of 3 and 4-wide decks out there. The force powers package is added lethality since things like Force Throw and Psychometry remove a die so they can also trigger DJ’s ability. Added to these things is the fact that Blue/Yellow Villain gets you the best removal suite in the game. The biggest weakness of this deck is really not finding Holocron early. Without it, you can’t get good upgrades on DJ and your economy suffers from having to hard-play upgrades on Snoke.


War Machine

This deck is inspired by the old-school Jango/2xFOST list from Awakenings. This one brings back the 0-0-0/BT-1 combo and since you get 3 characters to dump damage off on to, I also added in the Climate DIsruption Array. With that out plus 0-0-0, you get to deal 3 damage at the cost of 2 to yourself every turn. That plus BT-1 means you are dealing 5 damage every turn to your opponent without having to roll in any dice. It’s a nasty combo that can quickly overwhelm your opponent if it hits the board early. Having Red in the mix also grants you extra multi-die removal with things like The Best Defense and Crossfire. The biggest weakness to this deck is the Stormtroopers since they have low health and their die is decent, but 2 blank sides can definitely hurt. This version also runs pretty low on upgrades so that can be harmful in many matchups.

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