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Is Better Organized Play Support Coming?

The Hyperspace Report was a disappointing event for players of FFG’s Star Wars games, at least those whose “favorite game” wasn’t X-Wing. The biggest disappointment was the apparent lack of consideration that FFG showed for their non-X-Wing customers – the players that took time out of their lives, used time off, paid for hotels and changed plane tickets to attend an announcement that they thought would be about their favorite game – only to be duped into a 60 minute X-Wing infomercial. I point this out not to try and be the saltiest review of the report, but because without acknowledging it I think the rest of this article would come off as written by FFG’s biggest fan-boi, which I am not, I’m like…their second biggest at most.

X-Wing had a big day on the stream, but some of the biggest news, those pertaining to Organized Play (OP), was buried in the multiple news articles that FFG posted after the report. FFG is increasing OP prize support and organized play formats across the board for X-Wing, summed up as:

  • Season kits are being improved with more and better prizes
  • Store championships now occur with EVERY new wave of X-Wing
  • Store championship kits support a one-time tournament AND an meta-spanning league with a winner crowned before the next Wave hits
  • Regional tournaments are now open to any store that meets minimum sales requirements and can be scheduled during two time periods each year

These changes sound fantastic for X-Wing and the increased prize support options for stores is something I wrote about as a dire need for Destiny in #RallyAid.

But X-Wing isn’t Destiny, so why do I care about all these great changes? Because I’m switching to X-Wing and all those promos will be mine! Just kidding. The reason is because if you dig even deeper you’ll find that Legion’s OP is being structured similarly to what they just announced for X-Wing – leading me to believe that these changes are forthcoming for all Star Wars lines INCLUDING Destiny. And if this is in the pipeline it makes sense why FFG has yet to announce Destiny’s 2018 Store Championship schedule because it has been cancelled and in its place we are going to have the Way of the Force meta championship instead.

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3 thoughts on “Is Better Organized Play Support Coming?

  1. I want to laugh, but I feel like they are doing enough of that at the community already. #rallyaid

  2. I’d agree with your analysis. They definitely seem to not have the staffing we’d all like and creating an Organized Play structure that is as ‘parallel’ as possible for all games just makes their lives easier. It also seems to follow the L5R comment you originally made as well…so definitely seems likely. Especially when you look at last year’s Store Championship season info and it said that SC season starts next week…no way that can be true without ANY info given yet. Hopefully we’ll be hearing about something soon, now that NA/EU Champs info is out.

  3. Hope you guys right! Crossing fingers here to see something coming in the next few days! We need a boost news to excite people again for Destiny!
    Thanks for the post.