Obi-Wan Kenobi: Ardent Avenger and Satine Kryze: Hope of Mandalore

Obi-Wan and Satine are both seemingly excellent characters.

At first glance, Obi-Wan might seem slightly worse than his Legacies counterpart, but on closer inspection, I think he might be a little better. What he loses in HP and the free shield every turn, he more than makes up for with his Power Action, excellent die, and being one point cheaper opens him up to more combinations. They’re definitely pushing more character subtypes with this new set, and since Obi-Wan has the Jedi subtype, he’ll be able to synergize with all the Jedi cards in the set.

Satine is a beast of a budget character. For 10 points, you get both of her dice at 9 HP and the Leader subtype. Her die sides are also nothing to scoff at, at that price. A 2 Indirect, 2 Focus sides and a 2 for one resource are all solid sides. The fact that she has more than one two side is also a bonus for roll-off potential. 

Both of these characters I think will see a decent amount of play. Satine probably more so because of her low-cost Elite and the fact that she fills a great support slot that Maz did previously.


Force Flow

I’m not a huge fan of this plot. It might be fine in Trilogy play, but there are so many better options for 2 points in Standard that I don’t see it being a big factor. Double Down, Taking Ground, and Stolen Intel are all better at that cost. 

New Upgrades

Punch Dagger, Republic Jedi Armor, Mandalorian Jetpack, Grievance Striker

I really dig the Punch Dagger. It’s the 1-cost melee upgrade that we’ve been missing. DH-17 and (to a less extent) Hunting Rifle were solid 1-cost drops for ranged decks, but melee centric decks never really had that option. The fact that it has two base damage sides and a resource side make it an ideal round 1 play that lets you keep a resource for mitigation.

The Republic Jedi Armor seems pretty solid as a replacement for the rotating out Jedi Robes. It has some decent sides to keep your shields up, and extra Focus sides are never a bad thing. At the very least, it’s an early defense that can be turned into a weapon later through an overwrite. 

Mandalorian Jetpack is a weird card. It’s not necessarily a bad card, and with Vader around it could be outright deadly to him. I don’t know if it’s worth the two resources to play a card that might do almost nothing for you in a lot of games. The fact that it also doesn’t have a resource side hurts it I think. I’m very interested to see where this card ends up falling because I don’t hate it, but I also don’t know where I’d include it.  

Grievance Striker is another weird one. On the one hand, I really like the Redeploy since we are losing Holdout Blaster to rotation. On the other hand, it makes Obi-Wan really slow if you play it on him. Three base damage sides are solid, but it doesn’t synergize at all with Obi-Wan except to get that free damage for playing it. The only reason I could see this make its way into an Ob-Wan deck is if you really want to land his Power Action for 3 Indirect. Which doesn’t feel terrible, but it also doesn’t feel great. I get the thematic reason for it, but it feels slightly weird. 

New Events

Channel the Force, Calculated Risk, A Friend Lost, Upper Hand, Unshackle, Electromagnetic Pulse

Channel the Force is both a better and worse version of Beguile. It’s solid enough in the starter and in a deck that has both a Jedi and a Leader. The fact that you can alter your own dice with it is pretty cool too, but this seems like it will really shine in a Mace deck since he has both Jedi and Leader subtypes.

Calculated Risk is a cool card for several upcoming characters. Obi-Wan gives you a 2/3 chance to get that resource. With 2+ shields, Qui-Gon Jin: Defiant Jedi Master absolutely loves this card. It’s basically free money as long as you don’t hit that dreaded blank side. 

A Friend Lost is an interesting card. It requires you to be on your back foot for it to be the most useful. The problem is that I’d say most of the time, your opponent is going to be gunning for your bigger character, so this card feels way less effective when you’d want to use it. Not only that, but it requires at least a small amount of hand knowledge so that you can play around mitigation.

Upper Hand seems like it will find a decent place in a few decks. I can see it being a staple in Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon decks. Mace also has a pretty good die that is capable of meeting its play restriction. With so many specials out there, this seems like a solid 0-cost removal for Blue Hero. I do wonder if it falls into similar pits that Blue Hero falls in that it requires you to have dice out in order to really use mitigation. 

Unshackle is another weird one. I don’t know if it will find a place in most decks except for maybe Vader and Palpatine. Most of the downgrades that we’ve seen aren’t super devastating except for Target Acquired. Mind Extraction is the other big target for Unshackle, but even that isn’t that terrifying except on Palpatine.

Electromagnetic Pulse is great. 0-cost gray removal that gets rid of a vehicle or droid die seems fantastic. With the rise of Shadowcaster/Firespray decks and (I assume) the rise of more droid decks, this card seems like a great include. Of course, it’s definitely a meta call because if no one around you is playing droids or vehicles, and they don’t take off for some reason, this card obviously won’t see play. I suspect we’ll see plenty of both of those decks though.  

It’s also important to note that there was one card in hand that we were unable to make out. It was a 1-cost Blue event, but we don’t know much beyond that.


Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Interceptor, Seeking the Truth

Obi-Wan’s Interceptor seems pretty solid in his deck, not so much in others. The ability to spot him to fix a blank is pretty solid, and the sides work well with his Power Action. This seems like it might be in a similar spot as the Grievance Striker in here though since it slows you down with all the different damage sides. Still, 3-cost for potentially four damage a turn is pretty nice. 

Seeking the Truth doesn’t seem awful, but it doesn’t seem great either. We’ve all been on the bad end of using a card to effect to re-roll an opponent’s die, and it ends up on the same side, or a better one for them. A leader-heavy deck could make decent use of this since it could give you two potential re-rolls if your first doesn’t go the way you want.


Deathwatch Hideout: Concordia

I believe we’ll see a decent amount of this battlefield because I think we’ll see a decent amount of Satine. The battlefield synergizes very well with her to give some much needed anti-mill tech. 

Returning Cards

Lightsaber, Draw Attention, Use the Force, Unpredictable, Truce, Dodge, Defensive Stance

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