– written by Sean “Pearl Yeti” Aguilar

I had some lucky pulls during the Spirit of Rebellion pre-release, but no Force Speeds, Force Lightnings, or Palpatines. But that was okay because what I DID pull let me finally build the deck I’ve been wanting to run since mid-December: eKylo/eJango budget friendly melee. I have now run this at 5 events – it is currently 10-1 and has taken down both meta Awakenings decks and splash SoR decks.

shiny like phasma

This deck has a lot in common with what I like about the eLeia/eAckbar deck I put together. First off, it is very budget friendly. There are no legendaries in here, and only one pricey rare. This budget friendliness carries into the game, with upgrades averaging a cost of 1.6 resources, eight 0 cost events and seven 1 cost events. You’ll be able to put this deck together on the cheap, and have enough resources to play anything you want all game.

Inspiration and Concept

This deck was really put together around a single card, Close Quarters Assault. CQA attacks the hand of your opponent when you’re showing melee damage, a time when they least expect an attack on their hand. This blossomed into the entire concept of the deck: attack everything about your opponent in every way possible, and be sneaky about it. Attack their hand, attack their characters, attack their upgrades, attack their dice…

The Basics

The basic strategy of the deck is pretty straightforward. You put cheap upgrades on Jango as quick as you can and use his ability to get out fast and resolve dice. The upgrades in the deck are so cheap it isn’t bad when Jango goes down. Get upgrades on Jango first thing each round, this deck has enough 0 cost trickery that you generally don’t have any resource issues and can pay for Kylo’s damage side or events.

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Close Quarters Assault

Close Quarters Assault

The inspiration for the entire deck, Close Quarters Assault is a card that works at all stages of a game. The use here is simple, use it whenever you can devestate an opponent’s hand. This could mean a 4 card discard early in a round. Or it could be a 1 or 2 card discard, getting your opponent’s hand down to 0 cards and denying them rerolls to fix their dice.

I would keep this card in a mulligan, but only if I had drawn an upgrade as well.



I’ll be the first to admit that Disarm is a strange card to put into a competitive deck. That said, I’ve really been enjoying the possibilities it brings to the table and it fits well into the deck’s concept.

If you’re up against Villain Blue that is likely to have a Sith Holocron, try to find this card in your opening hand. Disarming a Holocron in the first round feels so good, you’ll wonder why you never ran this card before.

Against other decks, you’re wanting this card more mid game to remove weapons about to be redeployed.

Bait And Switch

Bait and Switch

Possibly my favorite event from Spirit of Rebellion. This card is used for sneaky damage, and works great at helping resolve the modified sides on Lure of Power and Makashi Training by flipping another of your dice to a non-modified side.

A resource-friendly trick is to flip a Gaffi Stick to special and resolve it to remove one of your modified sides dealing 3 damage for 0 resources. The opposite of that move is Flame Thrower’s costed 4 damage side, but paying 2 for 4 sneaky damage is a play that could give you the win in the right circumstances.

Once your opponents begin to expect Bait and Switch plays, start bluffing! Stare at that resource sided dice with glee in your eyes and a  smile on your lips. That smile will become genuine when your nervous opponent wastes an Electroshock to get away that scary resource die.



Sneaky damage AND removal rolled up into 1 card? Yes please! I expect to see this card shove its way into many Blue Villain decks.

This card has some synergy with Lure of Power’s 2 blank sides, so I’d keep it in my opening hand if I also drew Lure of Power. Otherwise toss it and wait until you have a couple more dice on the table to roll blanks with.

now I am the master

Now I Am The Master

This card was MADE for Jango. Your opponent activates a character, gets a decent roll. You respond by activating Jango and resolving a single damage dice against them, and now you get to blank out one of their dice!

Careful reading of this card is important. After they deal damage, you may flip ANY die to a side showing blank. If your opponent is showing a big damage dice but, for whatever reason, can’t resolve it, flip your OWN dice to a blank and use Anger for that sneaky damage. Highly situational? Yes, but it has won me 2 out of 11 games with this deck.

You can also put two of these cards on one character and flip two dice to blanks from a single damage. Also, note it doesn’t specify what kind of damage, so Gaffi Stick’s and Flame Thrower’s specials work to activate this card’s ability.

This is THE card you want to see in your opening hand and immediately goes on Jango.



lure of power

Lure of Power

Another card that I believe will shove its way into most Blue Villain decks. Works equally well on Jango or Kylo. Don’t force the modifiers to work with just damage – getting a +2 to resources or shields still feels good.

Not my top pick for opening hand upgrades, but keep it if it is the only upgrade you drew.

relentless pursuit

Relentless Pursuit

This card is my answer for Guardian damage distribution. It also allows  flexibility in shifting my primary target without slowing down the pace of defeating my first character.

Automatic discard in your opening hand. Find this card mid game to help move damage around to kill a character, or late game to …. reroll dice.

056 makashi training

Makashi Training

A solid 2 cost upgrade for its dice alone. The ability is fantastic for slowing down big damage melee dice like Vader and Luke, or disrupting Rey modifiers.

The shields on this aren’t great, but combine it with Lure of Power and you’re looking at a nice 2 to 3 shields.

This is one of the few upgrades that goes better on Kylo, so for that reason I’d mulligan it in favor of an upgrade I can throw on Jango.

decisive blow

Decisive Blow

This card has saved me so many times I’m considering throwing in a second copy. With a decent chance of Jango rolling out a damage side, this card is very usable in the mid game through the late game.

Once Jango is down, try to activate Kylo as quick as you can to prep your God-Roll-Defense-Maneuver. That said, try to deploy your other control before resorting to Decisive Blow, as it is the only card that can really save you in the case of a God Roll™.

Automatic mulligan in opening hand.



This card needs no introduction. If you have it, you’re one of the happiest Destiny players out there. If you don’t, you’re coveting your friend’s copy or looking at it lustily on eBay.

This card’s ability is what had me remove Intimidate from the deck list – it just makes shield removal a little pointless. I might eat those words the next time someone hits me for a 3 damage Riposte, but until then Intimidate is out.

This card is slightly better on Kylo given its +2 modified melee side. I also want to keep this card into the late game for its ability.

I want to see this card so badly that it is the only non-Jango upgrade I would keep in the opening hand.


Carbon Freezing Chamber

Carbon Freezing Chamber

Bringing such a double-edged battlefield to the table is very against my play style. But, let’s face it, Kylo’s and Jango’s dice aren’t great. Losing one to Carbon Freezing Chamber really doesn’t hurt that bad. With Jango’s free activation and Fast Hands, you usually have enough built-in speed that you’re claiming first anyways. And boy, locking away Han or Vader or Luke in the Carbon Freezing Chamber hurts your opponent in a bad way.

If you win the toss off, keep Carbon Freezing Chamber if you’re up against big dice opponents, or pretty much any deck that runs 3 characters. Take the shields if you’re up against character’s with weak dice.


As with any deck this is a work in progress. As I make adjustments, I do intend to keep the concept the same – a cheap deck to build, a cheap deck to play.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my write-up, see you on the battlefield!

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