This last Friday was our inaugural use of our BOUNTY vs HUNTER System at The Portland Game Store and it was a blast. We devised the system as a way to spice up regular Destiny play without having to fuss with ELO or league point spreadsheets. The system pits one player, the bounty, against a list of players, the hunters. The bounty is the top player from your previous event, and the hunters are the players they get paired with during Swiss.

We created two play mats to support the system, one for the bounty and another for the hunters. The first time a player is a bounty they sign the BOUNTY mat. If during the season they become the bounty again, they add a mark to their name to track their score – being the bounty more than once is tough to pull off since it usually means they just beat every hunter put against them.

Hunters track their score a bit differently from the bounty. A player only gets to sign the HUNTER mat if they defeat a bounty, and then each time after that when they defeat a bounty they add a score next to their name to track their progress.

At the end of the season the player who has the most scores on the BOUNTY mat is awarded that as their prize – and gets to be the first bounty of the next season. The player with the most scores on the HUNTER mat is awarded that as their prize – and gets to be the first hunter of the next season. If players are tied on scores near the end of the season then the final event is a tie breaker series between the tied hunters and bounties.

That is the system in a nutshell. You can check out our first four Rounds of Swiss in the video below. Hopefully I will get a shot to take down next week’s bounty!

About Sean

Founder and Crew member of Artificery, Sean has played CCGs since the mid 90’s when his friend gave him a starter and then destroyed him with a Millstone deck. After an-off-and-on relationship with MTG, Sean stumbled across Destiny during the pre-release event in a sleepy game store in Portland and fell in love.

Sean runs weekly Destiny events at The Portland Game Store and enjoys organizing Regional events at historic Portland venues. When not chasing wins at tournaments across the country you can find him in the Artificery Discord under the made-up-name Pearl Yeti.

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