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About Artificery

Artificery was founded by a group of competitive players who met each other through playing Star Wars: Destiny. Hours spent sharing strategy, talking about deck crafting and friendly rivalry brought  us together into The Crew. We organize tournaments for Star Wars: Destiny using the online platform Tabletop Simulator that provide real Destiny product for prizes. Our members write strategy articles, analyze spoilers, host podcasts, stream Destiny games, commentate tournaments – the list goes on. In recent news, Artificery became an official reseller for Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee –  The Artificery Shop specializes in creating aggressively priced Star Wars: Destiny bundles.

Pearl Yeti

Sean Aguilar, Founder, Professional Scrub

  • Villain 23.2%
  • Hero 76.8%

Pearl Yeti is the lead organizer of the Artificery tournaments and owner of the Artificery Shop. He ocassionally puts out manifestos about how Hero decks can be good too, and can be found playing underdog decks more often than not.

He has been playing CCGs for 20 years, beginning in middle school after being tricked into playing Magic: The Gathering by a so-called friend.

It was a fateful Christmas shopping day that brought Yeti into Star Wars: Destiny – that just so happened to fall on Awakenings pre-release. After turning down a boardgame store employee’s offer of playing in the release event – Yeti just couldn’t shake thoughts of Lightsaber dice from rattling around in his head, so he dropped off his wife and went back to give the game a shot.

After loving the game in the store he brought back two starter sets and played Destiny all night long with his wife. Fortunately she loves it as much as he does and lets him whittle away his time playing Destiny and running Artificery.

Agent of Zion

Organizer, Strategist, Podcaster

  • Villain 35%
  • Hero 65%

Zion writes a Star Wars: Destiny strategy article every week, is Chancellor of the Galactic Senate Podcast, organizes many of the Artificery tournaments and is the creator of the Artificery Sealed Format.

An MTG, Hex, Hearthstone, and Star Wars (Decipher) veteran, casual fan of Netrunner, and all around board game / turn based strategy enthusiast. After Hearthstone completely lost its luster for Zion, he poked around at the new CCGs a bit before discovering Destiny, and he has been all-in on it ever since.

Being Star Wars themed was just a huge bonus, he met his wife back in high school when they bonded over their mutual love for the franchise –  he was lugging the old SW D20 RPG books all over the place. Lesson learned is that RPGs CAN get you a wife. After hitting it off well with the Artificery Crew at Worlds 2017 he started plotting a way to collaborate with the team, and successfully barged his way in to the Crew a couple months later. They give him an awesome place to hang out, great games, and good testing while he gives the community 2000+ words a week on any Destiny related subject, run-on sentences and comma abuse included free of charge.


Brenna Aguilar, Social Media Trooper, Apprentice

  • Villain 100%

Brennsta is the Social Media Trooper, Apprentice-player in training, and general cute factor of Artificery. Dragged into this addictive world by her older brother, Pearl Yeti, Brennsta can be found Cosplaying and playing Destiny around the Greater Seattle Area.

Banned from playing video games due to her older brother’s obsession, Brennsta’s experiences were spent sneaking stolen moments on the Sega and angry games of Monopoly.

Fast forward to her senior year of high-school where a forgotten box of Magic was found in her hand-me-down writing desk. Her favorite anime loving classmate showed her how to play and study hall was suddenly spent battling each other’s decks. Brennsta loved the strategy but lacked the funds and dedication so she let the habit die after graduation.

5 years later, with Hearthstone being Brennsta’s only CCG past time, Yeti decided it was time for something new.  He got her Star Wars: Destiny Kylo Ren and Rey starters as a stocking stuffer and the rest is history; hopefully that makes up for not letting her play any of the consoles growing up…


Nick Obee,  Almost Champion, Podcaster

  • Villain 70%
  • Hero 30%

Tacster is part of the Knights of Ren Podcast and helps organize and run Artificery Tournaments. He is know for his Phasma decks in Star Wars:Destiny having taken 2nd place at the 2017 Worlds event and top 4 at the North American Championships at GenCon 2017.

Having very little competitive card game experience over the years, Tacster has still put in a lot of time into the Warcraft TCG and Hearthstone. He still casually follows hearthstone though Destiny has taken over most of his CCG time. Outside of Destiny, Tacster can be found playing all varieties of video games and board games.

Somehow missing out on the preview of Star Wars: Destiny at GenCon 2016 even though he was there, Tacster did not find his way into the game until Christmas. Similarly to Pearl Yeti, he was out Christmas shopping for one last gift for his wife before traveling for the holidays
when he came across Destiny at the local game store. Snagging the last set of starters that were available, the game was unplayed until Chirstmas day at which point Tacster and his wife immediately fell in love with the game.

Tacster hopes to help continually grow the Destiny online community here at Artificery and with Knights of Ren and remain a top level competitive player for the next big tournaments to come.


Garrett Platner, Organizer, Strategist, Dog Enthusiast

  • Villain 50%
  • Hero 50%

XeroHour is an avid tabletop, card, and video gamer in the New Orleans area. While he enjoys competitive play, deckbuilding and talking strategy are his favorite parts of Destiny.

A veteran of X-Wing and Netrunner, XeroHour is no stranger to the FFG competitive scene. XeroHour bought Destiny sight unseen in his FLGS one day and the rest is history.

Always up for a fun tournament, he encourages his local scene to play while also striving to help drive the online community to reach new heights.

XeroHour’s dad sat him down at the age of 4 and made him watch Star Wars and he has never looked back since.

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