Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan, or in most online instances I go by “jjohnson111” in Discord/TTS.  My local playgroup is from Denver, Colorado, and we regularly play at the Wizard’s Chest weekly.  As a relatively newer player (and Destiny being my first CCG), my goal for the year was to have a good showing at Denver’s Regional this year and at Adepticon the following week (this week!). (Say “Hi!” if you want, or let’s get some on-demand games going Fri/Sun!! – I’ll be looking for games both of those days!). (EDIT: Much of this was written before Adepticon, and Adpeticon has come and gone.  Bad rolls and great opponents make it hard to do well overall – but I got myself an Obi spot gloss to celebrate my regional deck!)

I began playing SW:Destiny a few weeks before EaW released, and have been hooked since.  I began supporting Artificery’s Patreon right around the turn of the year and have not regretted it since then.  The Artificery team has produced great content and provided some excellent chances to practice decks with some other top tier players around the nation/world.  I likely could not have done as well at the recent Denver, Colorado Regionals on 3/17/18 without the support and content Artificery has pumped out.  So, before I dive into anything else, huge shoutout to the Artificery Crew, and also my local playgroup at the Wizard’s Chest who has helped me fine tune, listened to me rant/complain/whine.

Before I dive into the review of the day, or the decklist, lets back up to pre-Legacies.  Before Legacies dropped, I was a diehard eQui-Gon/eKanan player, especially after the RRG that buffed shields.  When I first started playing before the RRG that buffed shields, I kept trying to make Qui-Gon work to no avail.  Eventually of course that changed, and Qui-Gon/Kanan exploded onto the scene.  My favorite character from the EaW set is likely Kanan.  I love the speed and flexibility he brings to the game state, and so I wanted to find a way to make him work continuing in Legacies.

The two characters I was most excited for in Legacies are Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Master) and Zeb.  I knew I was going to try to put together a Zeb/Kanan deck after seeing Zeb when Legacies released.  Over time, Kanan was traded out for Yoda, but leading up to a few weeks ago (and through Artificery Season 5) I was not doing well with Zeb/Yoda in my Meta/playgroup (shout out an excellent Sabine/Yoda player Fergie – who smashed my face in time after time).  I began turning back to the eObi-Wan/eMaz deck that I was casually playing here and there at the start of Legacies, and over the last 2-3 weeks I began working on developing Obi/Maz for the Denver Regional.  It was the deck I finished out my subpar Artificery Season 5 with, and when Chicago was taken down by Obi/Maz, and was Vegas’ runner-up, I was further inspired to push it for Colorado.

I began testing the Chicago deck, and noticed it was doing a lot of things that Zeb + Kanan/Yoda (and Sabine/ “xx”) would do, but I could force Obi/Maz to do things more consistently using RI + dice changing cards (see: Concentrate/Alter) to ensure that if my opponents did not control Obi-Wan’s dice, I would likely punish them for it after I rolled in if he did not initially roll damage.  Sometimes I was happier that he did not roll damage initially if I had Concentrate or Alter in hand!  It meant my opponents were not focused on Obi-Wan’s dice until it was too late.  I based my deck off of Chicago’s decklist, but eventually after play testing it a bit weaved my own decisions into it to have large swings of damage against my opponents.

The Deck:

First, I started by gathering all the data that I could.  I grabbed all the finishing or Top 8 decklists that were on  I created a spreadsheet, tracked which cards were being used between the decks to get an idea of variation, counted how many times a specific card turned up in a deck, and then took the mode of the count to see if they were 1-of’s or 2-of’s.  I only counted cards that were in the deck fifty percent of the time or more.

Even though I had that information, I still deviated from it.  Just so you can get an idea, the data built this deck:


I recognize this deck list doesn’t have a battlefield.  I didn’t take those into account when looking at the decks, which was an oversight on my part.  I also thought about applying a weight to the Chicago deck list, but in the end I didn’t.  I was mainly looking for information to round out my events, I had selected a lot of my upgrades and supports based off the Chicago deck and my own changes.

Here is my deck that I piloted to 8th place overall at the Denver Regional on 3/17:

There are a good handful of changes I made to the deck.  Let’s review, and I’ll discuss why I chose what I did:

  • -2 Force Speed
  • -2 Maz’s Goggles
  • -1 Hidden Motive
  • -1 Caution
  • -1 Hasty Exit
  • -1 Hyperspace Jump
  • -1 Overconfidence
  • -1 Truce
  • +2 Handcrafted Lightbow
  • +2 Heirloom Lightsaber
  • +2 Alter
  • +2 Force Misdirection
  • +2 Reaping the Crystal


Force Speed: In my testing, I found that Force Speed was great early game.  It felt awful mid- to late game to draw it once Obi-Wan was built with other upgrades.  I also found that I didn’t need Force Speed’s specials often, Obi/Maz was fast enough  I was claiming at least 90% of the time in my games all day.  I also felt that as the game drew on, Force Speed provided me no benefit to overwriting better weapons since they were zero cost upgrades, limiting chances of costly upgrades mid- to late- game, or putting me in the position of choosing to play an upgrade on Obi or saving resources for a Hyperspace Jump during a turn.  I tried running just a single Force Speed, but then the chance of drawing it of course dropped dramatically.  I certainly was not going to make the plan to mulligan hard for a x1 card, so I dropped it.  It’s possible that I need it for Sabine matches, but I have yet to test against Sabine and was lucky that somehow, she dropped off the radar from the event (I only know of one player who did Sabine/Yoda – the winner of the regional).

Maz’s Goggles: I’m surprised I ended up cutting this card, but in my matchups, I was finding people in my playgroup and meta to be going hard after Maz early in the game.  Look at articles discussing who to go for first and it seems like Maz is the suggestion always.  It meant that if I couldn’t spot a Yellow character, this was a dead card.  I also figured that if people were planning on taking out my Obi 3-damage side dice with one cost events (Here’s looking at you Easy Pickings), then I would rather have cards like Heirloom to make up for it.  My opponent can only remove so many 3-damage sides, right?

Caution: Caution may have ended up being useful for my deck, but I just couldn’t find a slot.  It might be something I revisit after the Regional, but I’ve really grown to love Heightened Awareness which couples with RI much better due to the Ambush.  There were a handful of times if I had it in my hands with useless dice in the pool that Caution would have been swell.

Hasty Exit: I knew my deck would likely claim a whole bunch.  Throughout the day, that assumption was very correct, but I wasn’t sure what the meta would be like with all the flux happening from weekend to weekend.  While a great card, if it is in your hand and you don’t have control of the BF this card can feel like a dud.

Hidden Motive:  This card fits into the same camp as Caution.  Very sad to lose it.  Post-Event this is a card I would like to work into the deck.  Would like to find the space for it and may be back on the block before my next event.  Hidden Motive hit my Obi dice so much – especially in my Top 8 match, my opponent’s calls never missed if I recall.

Hyperspace Jump:  Removing one of these cards seemed straightforward to me.  I hated seeing it early game with all the other 3-cost upgrades in my hand.  I also loathed the idea of having multiple 3-cost cards in hand between all the weapons I had.  Had I included a second Hyperspace Jump, that would have been my 7th 3-cost card, with no way to reduce the cost like I had with my weapons.  I felt like I saw the Hyperspace Jump when I needed to see it and I was very happy with only having one in my deck throughout the day.

Overconfidence: This card sits in the same situation as Caution/Hidden Motive.  It is a sideboard card that I favor quite a bit and may be revisited down the line.

Truce: I found I did not need the money a lot of times thanks to Reaping.  If I ran Reaping along with x2 Truce, Maz’s Vault, and Reaping, I was dedicating 6 card slots to resources, which seemed like a lot.  A lot of times with Reaping the extra resource from the second copy of Truce was unneeded, and the one copy I carried in my deck through the day filled the need plenty of times.  Reaping makes those 3-cost weapons much easier to play and helps fulfill some of the need that Truce offers, without giving your opponent a resource (here’s looking at you Maul’s Saber).   Having one of them to surprise your opponents with a Hyperspace Jump though is a lot of fun – people feel safe when they see only two resources on the table.  With Maul’s saber making such a splash, I also didn’t want to give my opponents extra tempo without making them work for it (or hitting themselves).  The downside is you lose out on an ambush card for RI shenanigans, but my play was fast enough it didn’t seem like it was needed.  I ended up using this card often throughout the day for rerolls.


Handcrafted Lightbow:  This was a night before decision, I hadn’t tested it in the deck.  I wanted to make sure that I had enough cards to synergize with Reaping, and this Lightbow also took the place of Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber because it was something that could be equipped on Maz (which I discovered in playtesting one night, when Obi was the first to die).  It turned out to work well when it hit the table.  People fear that special side and makes them choose to sometimes overlook Obi’s dice, for good reason since if they have shields I can do anywhere from 3-5 damage with that special (by removing shields then doing the 2 damage).

Heirloom Lightsaber:  Obvious choice for a deck focused on Reaping and 3-cost weapons.  Also, the 3-damage side doesn’t hurt – because everyone is so worried about taking an Obi die then the Heirloom can make up for it.

Alter: This was another late addition.  After playing Thursday night before the Regional, and seeing Maz die consistently early, I needed more ways to focus Obi’s dice other than concentrate.  If I could abuse it with Running Interference, even better.  Lightsaber Training was the other consideration in this spot.  For a deck running a lot of 3-cost weapons, I thought this would slot in.  I ended up taking Alter for the versatility for soft control against opponents, also Weapons Training doesn’t work on the Vibroknife die.  It also costs the same as fulfilling all parts of Concentrate, which was pointed out to me wisely by Paul and Antonio from my playtesting group (thanks guys!).

Force Misdirection: I was hoping this card would make a bigger impact at the regional.  I thought a lot of decks would have sticks, I thought I’d be able to use it for blowout turns.  It didn’t work out that way, except for maybe once or twice, which is unfortunate.  A lot of the times is because when Obi’s dice are on damage, you want to resolve them ASAP.  It’s likely this will become a one-of, because when you are successful with it, it can rob your opponent of a turn possibly, and it did work like that once or twice.

Reaping: I feel like I’ve touched on why this card was added in other discussions (see Truce, 3-cost weapon discussions).

A few other thoughts:

I knew Rey2/Aayla was up and coming and had a strong showing the weekend before.  I have been testing it for Trilogies, so I had a little idea of what it could do and what to watch out for.  The idea of getting 3-cost weapons for Obi came from the idea of Rey2/Aayla doing the same thing, but also because expensive cards bring good dice to the table and force my opponent to think around not only Obi’s dice, but also the 3-cost weapon dice.  To continue to support the idea of strong dice, to invest so heavily in the RI+Concentrate/Alter plays meant I wanted to get as much damage out as I could.  It worked pretty well for me all day! Onto match recaps.

1: eGrevious/Maul (Don) – Win

Killed Grevious first, took out Maul second. Allowed Don to correct some errors, helped explain the small intricacies of cards.  If this happens for a match of yours, (I recommend) remember to always offer help and encouragement and be a good ambassador for the game.  Growing a community is always a good thing to do, right?

2: Boba/Phasma (Chris) : (1-0) – Win

Remember how I suggested being a good ambassador for the game?  Chris was the buddy who helped build Don’s deck and encouraged him to come, even though he had just been learning the game, over the last week or so.  He heard about the tournament from Chris and was convinced to go.  Chris mentioned that he was very appreciative of me not just hammering Don without being helpful and such.

Went for Boba first – he was playing Port City and so I was worried about what 3+ cost cards/weapons he was playing. Was able to tap Boba out quickly before any of the yellow only or redeploy weapons came, and Phasma followed quickly.  Chris was unlucky I found out that he didn’t draw weapons (besides a lowly E-11, compared to the rest of his upgrades) for his first two turns.

We played a fun match after our tournament match since it was over so quickly, and he mopped me up this game. I saw what his deck was trying to do, and it hurt.  I was still able to beat down Boba at the cost of Obi, but Phasma by that point was able to finish off Maz quickly.

3: Obi/Maz (Kyle H.) (mirror) (2-0) – Win

Kyle nuked my Obi down quick using 2 “My Ally Is The Force” on his Obi dice.  I just couldn’t outrace him.  And while he nuked down my Obi, I went after his Maz.  I assumed he was playing an Obi/Maz that would not let Obi be consistent with Maz going down.  I also assumed he had Easy Pickings in his deck, and again thought getting rid of the spot Yellow would be good.  There was a point an Entangle was also useless if I recall.  He also didn’t seem like he was playing Running Interference, so I was able to slow his deck down a lot, especially by stopping Kyle’s big swings.  He was able to get his Obi-Wan equipped with two Force Speeds, and a Lightbow early on, but I mitigated his dice well through the match.  I saw a lot of useless Force Speed special activations (again, part of the reason I removed the upgrade) that were taking up not only card slots but not providing late-game tempo with overwrites/etc.  There was one point he resolved his Speeds for 4 actions and rerolled on 3 or 4 of them to continually not get the damage he was seeking after his Maz was down.  Before my Obi went down, I was able to get have an Heirloom and a Rey’s Lightsaber on him to redeploy to Maz to kick off her standoff.  I was also able ruin Kyle’s tempo one turn by when he passed mistakenly on an RI activation, and when he did that I passed (with my control of the battlefield) to end the turn.  I used that turn to get an upgrade and chip away a little on Obi with a Vibroknife die, and I was happy with that if I had to chip away on Obi slowly.  Eventually he’d have to heal his Obi because of me chipping away on him with Maz and modified Heirloom/Rey dice, which hurt his tempo.

Here is likely my lesson from the day to impart:  When you think the game is over, and you are ready to reach across the table and congratulate your opponent, think very hard about your options before you scoop.  This game was really decided on a well-timed Hyperspace Jump.  I had no resources, RI untapped, 3 dice showing resources, and Jump in hand.  His Obi-Wan had essentially god-rolled and was ready and waiting to kill Maz.  I resolved the three dice, tapped RI to stop him from resolving.  He wisely did not pass this time, and next action I Jumped him and took that momentum from him.  I was sitting there ready to scoop and offer the “W” to Kyle but took a long moment to examine my options and figure out my escape to just “get to the next round.”  It paid off by giving me the chance to steal his thunder and claw my way into a win that I really feel I turned from a loss.

Won on time due to Maz with 2 vibroknives and an heirloom getting 10 dmg on Obi to my 1 or 3 or something like that on my Maz at time while she still had 3 shields at the end from a Heightened Awareness. Had a huge hyperspace jump play to really turn the tide in my favor, and a RI pass/pass to ruin my opponent’s tempo mid-game.

4: Riekeen/Yoda/Partisan Mill (David) (3-0) – Win

Killed Jedha Partisan first, then Yoda, then Rieeken.  I had maybe 3 or so cards I think left in deck at the end, and both ancients on the table that so I felt confident in my win here.  Opponent was able to get off two Garbage Chutes to negate some of Obi’s damage before his Jedha went down.  I was able to Hyperspace Jump on a turn when my opponent had not resolved his 3PO die with 3 resources showing on his Chance Cube he had been able to focus to.  He had also yet failed to activate his two Bespin Wing Guards, and I was able to get my second Ancient Saber down that turn to be able to cycle cards back into my deck if I needed to prolong the game until I was able to nuke Rieekan.  My opponent also used his second to last-turn resources to play Field Medic on Rieekan to heal some damage, but then next turn found himself short of money to Hyperspace Jump me when I rolled lethal on Rieekan.  Phew!

5: Rey/Aayla – (Nick) (4-0) – Loss

Finally made a major mistake here.  Didn’t kill Aayla when I had the chance to, and I paid dearly for it (as I should have).

I had Aayla at lethal and decided to resolve 2 other dice (1 shield, 1 resource) with Maz’s ability after activating her. Opponent took my greed and smooshed it in my face like he should have.  I went that route because his Rey had yet to activate, and Aayla had two redeploys waiting to move over.  I really thought forcing him to activate Rey without those dice would be better in the long run, but I paid badly for my overconfidence.  Destroyed my tempo and I was never able to come back from it.  We both talked about it after the match and he thought that as soon as I didn’t take the opportunity to finish Aayla that I gave up the game there as I had both of my characters on the table to just Rey.  I agree with him.  He went on to be a Top 4 finisher for the day, and he played extremely well that match being very careful about my Obi-Wan.  Should have listened to that voice in the back of my head that just said: “FINISH HER!”

6: Nines/Bazine/Seventh (Rob) (4-1): Win

After my first loss, I made sure not to beat myself up too hard about it.  I realized I was still in the top 16 cut, realized I could finish with a great record, and pushed on.

I had heard tales of this deck from a playgroup friend who lost his emo-Darth Vader in Round 1.  My buddy was not able to catch back up and lost that game in Round 1 of the day.  Going into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I thought there would be many weapons being put onto Nine’s (Nine’s being Nine’s and all) and possible overwrites (for more Nine’s shenanigans).  I figured there would be redeploy weapons, maybe Maul’s Saber, ID9 droids.  My opponent Rob was playing Fort Anaxes and was able to guardian away some Obi damage to Bazine Round 1, but I still pumped 6 I think into Nine’s.  By Round 2/3, I used by that point my patented “Obi-Smash” into both Bazine and Nine’s, taking them both off the board.  I forced Rob to activate Seventh before redeploy weapons would move over to her from Bazine (I killed Nine’s first, he moved his Riot Baton to Bazine, and I waited on killing Bazine til he had activated), which also hurt his damage badly.  Mopped up 7th for the win without much trouble after that.

7: Aayla/Finn2 (Donavan) (5-1): Loss

This deck was cool! The game was close – I didn’t know who to target, but I wanted to avoid special chaining and Finn moving damage under shields, so I took aim for him first.  Redeploy weapons were put onto Finn, and Donavan was able to get not one but two Lightbows on Aayla by the time Finn went down, and had a Holdout move over to Aayla when Finn went down.  My opponent needed 4 for lethal damage on Obi at one point, and he took the 1-in-6 chance to get the 2-pay side on the Holdout.  He got it.  Donavan suggested that if he had not rolled that, he thought I had the game, because Obi would have turtled some more, and I may have been able to kick through Aayla faster than he would be able to get both Obi and Maz off with just Aayla.  When the lethal was applied to Obi, he didn’t have any redeploy weapons and I wasn’t able to come back.  Maz didn’t take long to go down after that.

End of Swiss Final Standing: 5-2;

End of Swiss Comments:

I finished the day out 5-2, seeded at 8th place and ready to begin the cut at Top 16.  I had never played any Best of 3 matches in Destiny, and I must admit – I really like the format for the game.  Helps take some of the randomness out of the decks, as everyone has said before me and will confirm.  I was excited and hopeful to continue playing, I had come to the Regional to simply scout out decks, have fun, and get an idea of what to expect at Adepticon the next week.  I was lucky and fortunate I felt to make a Top 8 for the first time at an FFG event (having played in X-Wing, Armada, and the Star Wars LCG before).

Cut to Top 16:

Top 16 Match: Kylo2/Anakin (Antonio):

My opponent clawed his way back all day for me to dash his hopes in the Top 16 match.  He is a playtesting friend of mine, and I knew that his deck could be brutal if he got his upgrades and was able to roll into massive damage.  I reserved resources for removal and control and was able to control him thoroughly while dishing out hard damage.  He hit his Kylo2 call maybe once or twice between both BO-3 matches, which was lucky on my part, but I made sure to keep my hands at 50% of either color to make it hard to guess if I could.  I don’t think I lost either character between both matches and went for Kylo2 first while he built up Anakin.  I think in match two I was able to Concentrate or Adapt into 9 damage in the second to last round against him with an RI play.  I tried to warn Anakin that “it’s over!” and “that I had the high ground!”  He didn’t listen and we know what happens next.

Cut to Top 8:

Note: My opponent for my Top 8 qualification matches suggested we do a collaboration and a back and forth for our Top 8 matches.  We hope it provides a great recap for anyone interested.

For this Section, eObi/eMaz is covered by “JJ” while eRey2/eAayla will be covered by “AC.”


I was paired against the #1 seed for the day, Alex.  He had gone 6-1 through swiss for the day, with a bye.  In my case, I was essentially the underdog at this point, having gone 5-2 and coming in 8th place based on Swiss results, and continuing to climb after our Top 16 cut BO-3 matches.  

JJ: I thought I would have an idea of what his deck could do since I had faced a eRey2/eAayla deck earlier in the day during swiss (even though I lost!).  I knew the deck was going to get big weapons out fast, and that was part of the inspiration behind the five 3-cost weapons I had put into my deck with Reaping the Crystal to try to keep pace.  I made sure to remind myself to not underestimate the deck from Round 1 and reminded myself to be very careful with how much damage it could dish out in a turn from my experience in Swiss. Boy was I wrong.  

AC: This was actually the first time I had played this matchup. I made the call to swap to eRey2/eAayala late Thursday evening before the event.  Before the cut to top 16 I asked BobbySapphire, the author of my decklist, which character I should target in the Obi Maz matchup. He suggested Maz, and I decided to go with that plan. I followed my normally strategy of looking for a three cost weapon and ramp card turn one. I was able to hit both a copy of Reaping the Crystal and Heirloom turn one. JJ won the roll and (correctly) elected to take my Obi-Wan’s Hut as the battlefield. He placed both shields on Obi.

JJ: I won the roll off here and took his battlefield (Obi-Wan’s Hut).  Alex had me on my heels since the first round. He was able to get a turn 1 Heirloom on Aayla, and it was downhill for me from there.  I began targeting Aayla, and slowly stacked damage on Aayla, but Alex was able to literally snipe Maz off the board turn one. From there on out it was just a matter of controlling Obi’s dice and keeping his shields up for Alex and he did an excellent job at doing just that through our first match.  He got lethal and we moved onto Round 2.

AC: The first turn Heirloom was huge. JJ spent his resource on upgrades so I knew I was going to use all of my cards for re rolls. I had mitigation for his Obi dice but I elected to take the damage and to commit killing Maz as fast as possible. Obi-Wan is extraordinarily tanky and knew dealing 17+ damage to him was going to be tough. Maz was exposed and used all but one of my cards to roll into enough damage to kill her turn one. This shut down Obi-Wan’s damage output considerably as he had to roll the damage honestly.

JJ: Round two began with me again with the battlefield and I split the shields between Obi and Maz, thinking that when Obi activated I’d have 2 shields on Maz and one on Obi.  I really took a second look at what to do to 1) give Alex a better fight and 2) try to push for a game 3. I knew my back was against the wall and I was going to have to do well for this match.  I thought I’d try to get Obi turned into a shield generating tank, with a Shoto early on I believe, and then eventually got a Vibroknife on Obi. This game I changed my tactics, and targeted Rey hard.  I was able to get Rey off the board, and shortly after that I was able to get 5 damage through on Aayla. I had the vibroknife on Obi, had the battlefield, and literally just needed to roll the 3 damage on Obi and the +2 on the knife to get under Aayla’s three shields to force a game three.  When the new round began, I rolled out and Obi-Wan did not give me the results I needed. I think I rolled a 1 Shield (Obi) 1 Resource (Obi) and a Discard (Vibro). I had Concentrate or Alter in my hands, but Alex smartly removed that Vibro dice, and dashed my hopes quickly. I was able to get either the shields off and some damage on Aayla that turn or just the shields, but Alex was able to finish me off to push into the Top 8.  My final two upkeeps really failed me. Two Maz’s Vaults showed up in my hand second to last turn (more on that below) and in my final hand I had two heirloom lightsabers. It was unfortunate, and I had the Alter/Concentrate play to help ensure the damage I needed, but it just was not enough. I considered in my last hand the 2nd vibroknife that I had drawn into as well but thought the ability to play Alter/Concentrate would be more important if my initial roll-off had not gone well.  Had I rolled in the two Vibroknives, and increased my odds of hitting that +2 side, that may have been the better play. I considered the odd of a 1/6 chance for that +2 and again convinced myself the Alter play was safer.

AC: I made a horrible misplay turn one that almost cost me the game. I had Heirloom and two copies of Synchronicity in my opener. I knew I had a good shot at taking down Maz turn one and went all in on this strategy. JJ claimed and with the damage on board and the second Synchronicity in hand! I made an unfortunate sequencing mistake and resolved the melle dice before playing the Synchronicity. Maz lived to see another round and I paid six damage for the misplay.

The following rounds played out without Obi seeing any more upgrades. I was able to play two three cost upgrades that redeployed over to Aayla. Aayla was sitting at five health with three shields. Obi was naked sans a single Vibroknife. Running Interference was out and I was scared. I knew that JJ was running both Concentrate and Alter. A +2 side on Vibroknife would end the game on the spot after tapping Running Interference to stop me from playing a card. I pitched cards aggressively every turn to make sure I had mitigation for the Vibro die every turn. On back to back turns I was able to Overconfidence an Obi die and the Vibroknife die to remove the Vibroknife die. Aayla was wielding three three cost weapons at this point so it was just a matter of the dice falling.

JJ:  Alex played a great 2 matches against me and likely did the best job at controlling Obi than any of my opponents during the Swiss rounds that day.   It was also painful to watch Maz go down, no matter what I did to try to protect her. For the first time in the day it really hurt to see her fall so quickly, and that gave Alex all he needed to keep me on the defensive for most of our games!  Congrats to him for moving on to the Top 4, for his great Swiss showing. I was outplayed by a great opponent who played extremely well all day and continued to do so in the Top 4 against the Rebel Mill (Yoda/Rieekan/Maz) runner-up that I stayed to watch.

AC: The top four match was against a unique spin on Rebel Mill that focused heavily on generating shields. I lost that set 1-2 after two unfortunate misplays and cold dice in the third match. I have a write up for that matchup and decklist that I will share in the future.


Overall Thoughts:

I felt good about my deck, about my performance for the day. Coming in with the attitude of just having some fun, planning on just scouting for Adepticon was a blast.  I couldn’t believe the success I had at my first large organized event for Destiny, and has really got me excited for Adepticon.  My opponents were great, the venue was awesome and the event was run extremely efficient and was a lot of fun.

I won my rolls for battlefields all day.  That really helped with giving Obi 14 health off the bat, and generating shields every activation.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss a trigger for that all day.  First hands I loved seeing a 3+ weapon, Reaping (or Truce I suppose), 1 piece of control, and RI.  I would mulligan pretty hard for RI, but I generally got one to start with pretty often.  I also didn’t fight to find the second one once I found the first.  I think I may have gotten the second one down once or twice through the day, but very rarely was I in need of double-tapping RI.  If I couldn’t find a 3-cost weapon in my starting hand, I would mulligan for an Ancient or a Shoto, hoping to build defensively.  I would always try to build my first hand to be something I could use entirely for my first turn (even if being used for a reroll) so that I could cycle my hand in the first two turns hopefully.  I never once throughout the day played Maz’s Vault.  For my first 3 matches of the day, my Shotos seemed magnetized to the bottom of my deck.  I remember my final hand being drawn in my 3rd round mirror match of “Shoto/Lightbow/Lightbow/x.”  Ancient heals at the right time helped carry me through the tough times, and Hyperspace Jumps were found at just the right time I felt most of the day.

I was fortunate I felt for not having to face any Boba/7ths (they were there!), Sabine/“xx”, broTK’s, Thrawn/Mother, Kylo/Mother…etc.  You get the point.  RI, Adapt, and Concentrate were huge winners for me. People expected the Concentrate plays, but Adapts seemed to catch people off guard when I played them or used them for soft control.

People tended to gun for Maz first, expecting that she was the engine to make Obi consistent.  If I could get RI’s down, get some good weapons on Obi, and find Concentrates and Adapts at the right time, there are very few people who can take consistent 6-9+ damage a round to the face by the time Maz is down and out.  By the time that happened throughout the day, I had typically removed a character across from me which also made my life easier (except for against Alex).  I think I surprised people with Obi’s damage and being able to get around their removal a-la Sabine and RI.  Vibroknives scared people a lot throughout the day, as Alex pointed out in his recap of our Top 8 match.

Shout out to Total Escape Games for a well-run event, and our TO David for running a very efficient tournament with awesome prize support.

Thanks to Artificery for letting me ramble about the deck and my experience – I hope some of my thoughts were helpful if you’re playing Obi-Maz, and maybe we’ll get a chance to catch up in Chicago later this week!