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The Fringe Meta – Artificery

With the Spirit of Rebellion meta coming to a close, I thought it was time to reflect on some decks that made the game fun during the time period. I’m not talking about the top tier decks that everyone knows. I’m talking about the fringe decks that hang around and toe the line between getting beat down by the top tier and coming out and dominating a tournament. Let’s show some love for the Tier 1.5 and Tier 2 decks for Spirit of Rebellion.


If you’ve played against me on TTS or talked with me on Discord, you’ll know that this is by far my favorite deck, so I guess I’ll start with this one. Did I decide to write this article just so I could gush about Krennic/Bala? Maybe. Here’s my final version of it before Empire at War comes out:

I’ve seen a really great amount of success with this deck. Krennic is really underrated as a character. The key to using him is to not always shoot for the ranged sides because it’s only a 1/6 chance. Instead, utilizing his sides to their maximum benefit is key. His discard side is strong in a matchup against FN-2199, as is his Disrupt side. Bala-Tik runs wild on low HP opponents because he will trigger several activation in a single turn. While it is difficult to obtain and keep three resources sometimes, the combo of Swiftness into We Have Them Now is a game-winning one. SInce this deck is usually fairly fast and claims often, a single Dug In does the trick usually. I originally had two, but with the prominence of Vibroknife, I decided one was sufficient while using that extra card slot for a single Sabotage to help against Planetary Uprising. The biggest strength of this deck is that you can turn a decent roll into a devastating one. Bait & Switch is fantastic in the deck. The Death Trooper die has 3 unmodified sides. When you consider this along with Krennic’s 2 Ranged side and a resource and Bala-Tik’s 2 damage sides (1 unmodified, 1 modified), you can deal out some massive damage. The biggest weaknesses of this deck are Poe/Maz, Palpatine, and FN-2199 decks. Poe/Maz hurts this deck because it claims so fast in addition to the damage it can deal out. Palpatine can pick off Bala-Tik quickly with some decent rolls. FN-2199 is good or at least decent against pretty much any deck in the meta.

In the end, Krennic/Bala can deal out some massive damage and some decent contol without ever fully being either. The redeploy weapons help keep the game competitive when one of the characters goes down and Bala’s ability can’t be overlooked. My hope is that this combo is poised to get some good weapon and event help with Empire at War so it might make a leap up into top tier.


This is a pretty fun combo of characters and a deck that revolves around battlefield control. Snap is a fun dynamic that forces your opponent to under-spend resources if they hope to claim and keep you from isolating one of their character dice for the next turn. Snap forces your opponent to think differently about the cards they play if it could force them to go down to zero resources. This is especially important once the Planetary Uprisings start hitting the field. Snap also has a die that complements that with a 1 and 2 Disrupt side. As soon as Snap rolls in and your opponent sees the Disrupt sides, they are essentially forced to spend their resources because they know what is coming next. With the battlefield control comes the ability to use Defensive Position and Dug in to keep your opponent from dealing crippling damage to you. Baze has pretty good dice that are also complemented by Snap’s 1 Ranged damage side. It’s a Trap! is always great for a mono-red Hero deck. Even melee-centric decks have some ranged sides hiding on their upgrades. This deck’s biggest weaknesses are definitely Poe/Maz, FunKar, and Vadier/Guard decks. Poe/Maz does not only usually stockpile resources, but their ability claim quickly means that Baze will usually be rolling one less die every round. They are also able to take down Snap fairly quickly. FunKar hurts this deck for similar reasons. It is very easy for them to generate resources. Vader/Guard can easily bypass shields with Vibroknife and only needs one good turn to take down Snap. Another glaring weakness with this deck is the need for the battlefield to be effective sometimes. Overall, this is a really fun combo that sadly just gets outpaced by many of the top-tier decks, but hangs around on the fringe because of its burst damage ability and control aspect.

eLuke/Rey or eObi-Wan/Rey

This is an interesting combo. Luke and Rey are a fun team that get slightly held back by only getting 3 dice. They can put out really good damage with Luke’s 3 Melee side and his card draw ability can’t be discounted. Luke i sthe obvious target here so loading up Rey with some good upgrades is key early. Getting her an early Vibroknife and Force Speed can be devastating to an opponent, especially if they are playing decks with low HP characters. Rey only have one die can be played around with cards like Guard and Caution. You generally don’t want to be removing Luke’s dice because he is the main damage dealer. I’ve seen many variations of this deck, but the big card in it is One With the Force. It’s great to play on a character you know is about to go down to get that extra die out there and it has excellent sides. The biggest weakness of this deck a lot of the time is itself. Luke’s dice aren’t amazing outside of his damage sides and while Rey’s ability is likely the best in the game, if you can’t roll any damage, having all those extra actions really doesn’t help you. Another issue is that while Guard is a good card, using it takes away your ability to deal the damage you need to. Mono blue Hero is also starved for dice removal options.

The eObi-Wan variant suffers many of the same pitfalls as the eLuke variant with one big strength. Obi-Wan’s ability means that it might be a better idea to target Rey early so as not to have his free card play trigger. With the right cards Obi-Wan’s ability can turn the tide of a game when he is defeated. While Luke/Rey is likely a bit more consistent, Obi-Wan/Rey can hit incredibly hard upon his defeat.


eQui-Gon Jinn/eRey

This deck is really the pinnacle of mono blue Hero in the SoR meta. This is essentially the “Death by 100 Cuts” style of play. Qui-Gon’s ability is excellent with the Echo Base. Although Rey’s dice aren’t incredible, being able to have a 4 dice list is great. Rey can generate money while Qui-Gon does his work. You can also user her +2 Melee side to trigger Guard for decent removal. You can’t count out her ability and once she gets a Vibroknife, she actually becomes a bit of a damage threat all on her own. It makes your opponent evaluate which target is more important to go after. By the numbers, this is likely the best mono blue Hero deck in the SoR meta because Rey and Qui-Gon’s abilities are excellent and damage can really sneak up on your opponent. This has the same pitfalls as most mono blue Hero decks in that dice removal gets difficult.


Well, those are mid-tier decks I had the most fun with in the SoR meta. Are there any I missed? What is your favorite mid or low-tier deck in SoR?

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