Hi, my name is Tony FRANCO, better known in the community as Leddon.

My best achievements were TOP 8 2017 and then french national Runner UP, Top 4 and Runner up in the Artificery League, and like 50% of 5-1 in GQ’s.

I failed to win any Regionals this season because I had serious opponents in Paris like my teammate and friend in the Coruscant Swoop Gang “Strong” and he decided that he ‘d win them all!

By the way, hi to all my other teammates: Fresck, Eizig and Data and everyone in my LGS. Without their support, I wouldn’t have succeeded. So this win is actually a team effort.

I like to play Poker too, and I learned a lot from this game. Sometimes I apply poker techniques like taking more risks when I feel that I am loosing. For example, when I am ahead, I’d play safe, but when I am loosing, I will take more risks to come back in the game. In the end, I find it very effective.

For example, if you feel like you’re far ahead and the game is 80% win, there is no need to try a reroll at 50% chance to get more damage.

On the other hand, if you are losing the game, and you think that you only have like 15% chance of winning, then a 33% roll chance that offers a possible come back is something I’ll do. You’d lose more if you fail, but in any case, you were already loosing anyway, and maybe there’ll be no more opportunities later.

Deck Selection

We had a galactic qualifier on 27,28 July in Paris.

I was on Satine and practiced some games against Oddrider, Tacster, and Vika. They were preparing Gencon at the same time with some Jabba, Maul, etc.. I already saw the power of the Jabba deck and that I’d enjoy playing with such a monster.

But well, of course, I wouldn’t reveal it before Gencon happened.

@Paris GQ, I went 5-1 and 4-2 on standard, with three losses against Han/Droids ( 2 times against Luigi Ravelli that had a great run at euros going TOP16) My Satine deck was quite awful by the way; I’d have liked to be able to propose more resistance to my opponents.

I took a Jabba SpotGloss with my points and started to prepare for the European tournament with my teammates and my US Friends. I felt that there were only like 3 or 4 Flex Spots on the deck. You want to keep a precise balance with the deck. 11 Supports/19 events. You’ll want to play 32 or 33 cards to be fine. Cutting cards that you feel were staples of the deck always feels terrible. I tried ten supports builds, and then six removals went back to 7, 1 DM instead of 2. Harsh choices. The finality was that I always wanted to have at least one support and one removal in hand.

Standard GQ 1 day before Main Event

After an incredible 2-4 on Standard GQ where everything went wrong like:
I Roll Jabba, my opponent played hired muscle, I took one resource (went to 3), opponent rolled 3 Disrupt for 1 Resource.

I only had forsaken, a mega blaster and the only DM of my deck in hand that I would have wanted to keep for 0-0-0….but I hoped that he didn’t have it.

DM Hired Muscle to keep Resources, and he plays 0-0-0. Then Round 2 BT-1 appeared. I lost the game.

I met a second Aphra, with 0-0-0 BT-1 early again and no DM. Another loss.

I played an Ewok (hard mulligan two times for Umbaran, didn’t get any) I got first umbaran Round 4, but it was already too late. Lost again.

Last adds before the main event were, going back to 2 DM, adding an EMP and removed probe. Going to 9 “0 cost” controls, and switching to a more control-oriented playstyle.

The idea was that if I probe and if it works, I ‘ll probably make some more damage this Round, but if an opponent doesn’t use his money to control, he’ll use it to play an upgrade or support next round. We could compare this as “pot control” in Poker.
I prefer my opponents to spend their money removing my dice than growing their board. And then I can capitalize on my superior and free controls.

I watched some Chopper vs. Jabba from GenCon, and I went to sleep confidently.

Main Event :

1-0 Satine Droïds
2-0 Han Droids
3-0 Satine Droids vs. Ross(Top8)
4-0 Reylo

4-1 Jabba 3 Wide Lukas

Lukas was the only 7-0 on both Days and then TOP32.

I made a big mistake that cost me the game, and I had such an interesting hand to play with two fickles, DM, and one removal. I was so focused on sequencing. I needed to play both fickles without my opponent being able to buy one, I just needed to wait for him to play something to DM so he’d go to 0 resources.

BUT he counter intelligenced me, putting my DM on top of my deck.

He didn’t play his support, and I didn’t want to play my fickles, means nothing to do, so I just activated my SM…and saw my DM There waiting for me….. then he played both his Entourage and a fickle when I could have gone for a fickle war.

It was still a close game when my opponent made a mistake playing a well-connected that he didn’t really need and gave me Vader’s fist that I could delve for an eventual come back.

5/1 eLor San Tekka, Leia, Anakin Mill

The game went Smooth for me, my opponent needed to play expensive cards to stay alive (Dismantle for 5, Flames of The Past, Beguile) I had Both entourage and a fickle on board. The only card that could turn the game closer is Anakin Pod, but I had DM in hand since Round 1 waiting for it.

I think the action that will follow happened in round 2. I guess, some people said I was a crazy Guy when Leia rolled two discards, and I didn’t control it. I had six cards in hand thanks to Jabba, something like DM Fist Delve Forsaken, maybe entourage and Well connected. The thing is that I rolled crap with my three dice, and the only card I wanted to use for reroll was my only control that was forsaken.

I felt that using forsaken to reroll could mean I don’t really care of my hand, and maybe he would want to remove better cards from the top of my deck. At that point, I had only two resources, and he knew I had a fist in my six hand cards.

Round 1 he tried to speed me up, maybe because he felt that I was slowing the game to my advantage, but, when you play against something you never played before, you better take 1 min if needed to think about how to play this particular metagame.

So, while I was thinking about removing this two discard side with Forsaken (the normal move you should always go for) or making this reroll (the crazy move), I felt that I had an opportunity (sort of Jedi mind trick), pushing him to remove from the deck.

As I said before, he asked me to play faster in round 1, and he started to get impatient again this round while I was deciding how to push him to the mistake and make my day.

I explained to him why I was taking time, between the forsaken removal play (the one you have to do 99% of the time) or just rerolling with it means that I don’t care about my hand. He went for the Power action of Leïa from top of the deck, and I was pretty happy with this. I felt that he would make this move at 90%+ while losing Fist with the two discards was 40%. Risk against Profit. Craziness for some people. I was 5-1, and I was Day 2.


6/1 Last game was against Reylo, and we didn’t really care about the result.
I don’t remember the game, just that the player was friendly and we talked a bit.

Day 1B

We wanted to do lots of things at first with my teammates.

Going for Pods, going to Visit Cracow.. but finally, we just rested at home :p
We played our first Outer Rim game that was quite epic. I played Bobba as Bounty Hunter, my friend Fresck went for Bossk. He had the opportunity to get money and fame on two factions if he would go negative on Hutts. I told him, you can’t do that, or I’ll have to hunt you 😊 Where is your faction honor???

Then I went to bounty hunt, and my ass was kicked two times by Doctor Evazan (the one on he doesn’t like your art… that ugly face). Two hours after I was a recruiter for the rebellion, and at the end of the game, negative on Hutts, I made a friend with Jyn (Eizig) that I recruited into the rebellion. Meanwhile, our Han (Strog) bought a Millennium Falcon, a DL44, and was trying to find Chewie. So epic!

At night we went to a vegan restaurant and some Cocktails. We paid like 25 euros (~30 dollars) for one starter one crazy good meal + Dessert and three cocktails.
2 am, we retired for the night. Resting and bonding with friends. That was a great day.

Day 2 Top Cut

I was Seed 3, so my opponent had an extra round to play. (it was a Satine against Chopper) so I didn’t care about what was going on.

And anyway, we get 2 minutes with opponent’s decklist before the round starts.
We were three Frenchies in the top cut, and the other two were on preliminaries round, so I went to watch these games.

First French TTC(Gissler Orian) went through against my friend Wadi. The day before, Wadi told us before we get brackets, “I want any match up except mirror”… harsh (3 Reylo on 37 players)

The second one was Papiboki (Maxime Beauquis) against Nightbringer (Adam Laensberg). Nightbringer played this very well. leaving no space for Maxime to breathe. I learned some useful things watching him play; his chopper match up is better than mine.

TOP32 Mikolaj Sikorski 2-1

Such a great and young player, just wow. He played so well, good sequencing, good analytics. It’s the second game I lost in the tournament, and the first one was because I made a huge mistake. This one, because he played flawlessly. Last game went well for me.

TOP16 Jonathan Moss 2-0

Another great player, he played flawless games, but sometimes the dice don’t want to cooperate. Satine making blanks and focuses only, C3-PO not giving any money. Quite frustrating games, I guess.

TOP8 Tomasz Domagalski 2-0

I don’t remember the games precisely, but he cut one control and one support, to play Déjà vu, Embargo, Probe and Truce, act of cruelty. While I wouldn’t be comfortable to play his list if cards come in the right order, it could turn into a nightmare to play against.

He made only one big mistake that cost him a game. I played Megablaster, my opponent didn’t DM it, then I rolled 2, and 2/ range for 1 resource on troopers dies, He DM’ ed it, took 4 indirect damage, but he forgot about the 2 troopers dice that would stay in the pool and killed his Jabba with 4 health remaining.

Another young player that I feel like we’ll see a lot on top tables in the future.

TOP4 Mads Utzon 2-0

Our reigning Champion.
I had a revenge to take from last Euro, when I was 3-0, went to 4-2 and I had to play Mads at this point. One got eliminated, one became Champion.

I was quite comfortable with Satine since the start of the Event. On the one hand, he had some spicy list with 2 Hired Muscle, 2 Crait, 2 Handheld, 1 On The Mark (betraying the game plan?) on the other hand, I felt that he was quite low in controls: two hidden (that can fail), one suppressive Fire (Character only and for emergency), 2 pacify (Character only and gives shields to my characters), and one easy pickings I could play around. He also had 1 Emp for SM or Umbaran and 2 Automated Defense (to use wisely).

I planned to control and Snowball, and not going into a Fickle War before I get a kill or an economy advantage (playing a DM, or no good for me Dead). I forgot to take a scoundrel from Deck when SM gave me Entourage. It happened to me again in finals. I guess it’s a matter of automatism. Play Entourage from your hand, take one from the deck.

There were lots of things to have to focus on for many hours. The brain wants some rest sometimes.

I think I made two solid games after my mistake, didn’t give him opportunities to buy fickles. I made a good switch of target after he played Chewie’s Blaster on R2, healing C-3PO with NGFMD. Jabba has better ramp cards, free controls, and DM, and the match-up is favored for the Hutt. Jabba doesn’t produce any shields; my nine controls for 0 cost made my games easier. It means you have to be careful with early burst and build some board.

Another thing is that Umbaran is an underrated card too.

Finals against Adam (Nightbringer) 2-1

I forgot again to take my scoundrel after an Entourage play from SM.

I saw Delve and Fist in his starting hand. I lost game one after his Fist rolling hot fire with 3 Ranged 3 or 4 times in a Row and went on tilt a bit, and I think that if I could play this 2nd entourage Round 1, I could win this 1st game.

Game 2, Nightbringer delved his Jabba into oblivion, he was at one health remaining and offered me the game. I think that I already had a significant advantage in this game anyway.

Game 3 was tense; he was making damage but had no board, while I had no damage, but I had a growing and uncontrollable board. I rolled hot garbage a lot, until last round when I thought I had the win, and he played sudden impact for significant damage.

Luckily, my last hand was full of controls, and I got two forsaken to contain his damage then I rolled for the 1st time of the event 10+ dice for the win. I even forgot about my SM die and one trooper my friends told me.

But who cares, I was champion!

Thank You!

I’d like to thank all my teammates from Coruscant Swoop Gang (Fresck, Strog, Eizig, and Data who couldn’t make the trip) All the players from our LGS, our French Discord with all the support I got, The French connection that went to Cracow, and
Vika, Tacster, Oddrider, Nick Cuenca for the practice games.

Now the plan is to rest a bit for 15 days. Then start of October will be French Nationals and then fly to Worlds with our French delegation and maybe a New Set.


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